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There are some quotations that I would like to share:


“Pets are the only living on Earth that love you more than you love yourself” Liza Connie

“Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole” Liza Connie
“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”  Anatole France

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language” Martin Buber


Liza Connie

We humbly welcome you to Petypets.com. I am Liza Connie, a great lover of pets mostly Cats and Dogs.

I had a cat, which I loved a lot. One day she got some illness and later become a cause of her death.
She caught some disease, which later became a cause of her death.
Her name was Pety and I still cannot forget her. She was so cute and friendly.Currently I do have many pets but she was closer to me than anyone else. So I decide to make website on her name and discuss information­ related to pet as I have a huge experience about. I write every article by myself to help and provide a good source of knowledge to pet lovers.

I am personally a Professional Pets Trainer and trained many dogs and cats. I am here to let you know whatever I know so far with years of experience in text format. I have an experience with more than 60 Dogs and more than 50 cats. I know almost everything about them.

This website was established in 2015. I always wished to give pleasant feelings to my visitors while visiting my site and reading articles through my sites.  I am struggling hard to provide authentic information about pets, guide my readers well so they can make a friendly environment with their pets, train them enough to take care of their selves, and help them to deal with some serious illness and diseases. I also provide tips that help adopting pets and for the things to follow.

I am also providing pet’s products that work. There are many products that I hyperlinked in every post. Products that are required in some cases or all the time. Products that are very essentials are listed even with an every posts where it is required, not like random products listed and visitors don’t know which product should be bought and what are their uses and benefits. Everything is arranged in a way that our visitors don’t find it messy. Complete Encyclopedia is provided in the shape of a website name as PetyPets.com.


I always connected with my visitors through social media and this site ultimately. I used to response on every notifications from my visitors to make them feel reliable and get everything here on this site to get benefits from it and applies on their living life with their pets. PetyPets.com will not only change your life even it would be helpful for your beloved pets too.

If you have any sort issues regarding Petypets.com or suggest anything please don’t hesitate to inform me, I will try my best to serve good platform and gives what you want. This site can also avail on your smart phones as I designed petypets.com mobile friendly and everyone can  visit our site through mobiles without any restriction.