11 Best Dog Breeds for Apartments – Living in Small Place?

Best Dog Breeds for Apartments

You are living in a high-rise apartment or in a small, snug cottage these happy-go-lucky animals can adjust very well to you. Here is a list of best breeds of dogs that can accommodate very well in apartments and modest cozy houses.


Best Dog Breeds for Apartments


1. Pug

Pugs with an easy-going nature, faithfulness and their teeny-weeny size are perfect for your small-scale house living. These quadrupedal curious beings enjoy their walks in exploring new surroundings. However, once they get back home they can repose and de-stress easily. They cope very adequately with elders as well as youngsters. With their adjustable nature, they prove to be charming additions to the households already accommodating other pets.


2. Yorkshire Terrier

These dogs are perfect if you are looking for an affectionate and lovable dog, who is smaller in size but has a huge personality. Commonly known as the Yorkies, there are ideal for the people who do not want dogs of bigger size. This breed has been serving as lovable friends since the Victorian age, and their popularity is still on the same level. They do not have a serious shedding problem, and it would save you a lot of trouble of vacuuming hair from all over your apartment, and the energy of these low maintenance requiring dogs can be quenched with daily walk.


3. Great Dane

This entry might surprise a few people as Great Danes are huge dogs. That is why it is an even bigger surprise that is giant gentle dogs make great pets for apartments of small size. By Nature, Great Danes are friendly and patient animals as opposed to their tall and thin physical stature. As supposed to some other breeds, they do not require a lot of exercise and would rather spend the day crashing the couch. They would be acquired companies if you want to binge watch your favorite TV shows on Netflix.


4. Cavalier King Charles

One of the spaniels who make excellent apartment dogs are the Cavalier King Charles. Snuggling and getting loved are something these dogs are famous for. They love going out for walks, whether it is a 15-minute walk around the apartment building or an entire evening in the park. They would always be down for either.

As per a pet magazine, these ‘ride or die’ dogs are game for whatever plan you want to throw at them. They would be as willing to go on a beach trip or a hike, as they would be to the idea of spending a day on a couch. They are generally quiet pooches, who are listed as just the perfect fit for apartments with smaller spaces by many pet magazines.


5. English Bulldog

As per the American Kennel Club, these dogs are famous for their calm, brave and a protective behavior for their human buddies. On top of that, these chubby pups do not need a lot of exercise other than the normal walks and an every now and then day at the park. This makes them great fits for apartments and condos.


6. Miniature Pinscher

As per the American Kennel Club Miniature Pinschers, because of their obvious smaller stature, are great breeds for smaller homes, apartments and condos. They might come off as smaller Dobermans, because of the similarities in physical attributes. They are descendants of Greyhounds and Dachshunds and possess remarkable energy and intelligence. Also called MinPins, they are quick learners and follow commands very efficiently.


7. Chihuahua

Sass, class, and a sweet pooch in a small size — Chihuahua is a dog that fits this description perfectly. Widely regarded as the ideal apartment pets, these dogs are a treat to have around. They adore attention and are usually comfortable around families. Their smaller stature makes it a lot easier to carry them around if you travel a lot. They are very passionate dogs and can develop deep bonds with their human friends.


8. Tibetan Spaniel

These cute balls of fur grow up to 15 pounds at most, which makes these tiny dogs easier to keep if you do not have a lot of space. These dogs were also known to easily adjust to coexisting with other pets in an apartment. They like cuddling on the sofa just as much as they like going out on walks. Although they are not known for their aggressive behavior, they still stay alert as your tiny watchdogs.


9. Greyhound

This tall, slenderly built breed of dogs from Europe is loved by dog owners across the globe. Their physical appearance should not make you think that they are not great apartment dogs. As per the American Kennel Club, these pooches do not need a lot of physical activity other than the regular jogs in the park. These dogs are smart and very easy to teach, and their nature makes them perfect for families who want to keep a single pet.


10. French Bulldog

Adorable, friendly and just overall a joy to have around, Frenchies also make great apartment dogs. They are not known for their barking, and like the other bulldogs, they do not require a lot of exercise either. They are great to have around children, and their friendly nature makes them safer to be around strangers. However, they do not have a lot of tolerance for high temperatures. That’s why if you live in an area with hot weather, make sure to have an air conditioner so that the temperature becomes bearable for your four-legged friend.


11. Mastiff

Another giant dog on the list according to the head magazines is also an ideal apartment dog. These dogs have a tender disposition and have modest energy level, which makes them an excellent friend for someone living in a condo or an apartment. However, you will have to provide the dog with regular walks, and if you have a puppy he will demand a lot of work. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that only choose a Mastiff if your building has an elevator. These dogs are not easy to carry up and down the staircase if needed.


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