10 Best Dog Breeds for Family, Which are Good and Friendly with Kids

Best Dog Breeds for Family Good and Friendly with Kids

This decision to choose the dog to bring home is not an easy deliberation process. It becomes even more difficult if you have young children at home. Acquiring a pet not only requires training and dedication on the part of the whole family. Not every dog breed is suitable for living with families, and every dog needs training to fit in with the lifestyle of your household.

Children need to be taught how to deal with their pet dogs. Even though not every dog is aggressive, it is not recommended to leave young kids alone with them for long periods of time.

Before choosing a dog, you need to know whether you want a dog with large stature or a small pooch. There are both pros and cons to acquiring either kind of dogs, and you need to take all of them into consideration before making a decision.


Best Dog Breeds for Family

Listed below are the best dog breeds for family, along with their characteristic attributes.


  • Bernese Mountain Dog

These dogs are self-assured, docile, have a good nature and are placid towards the strangers. These dogs are ideal for families with access to large outdoor spaces as they are not comfortable with in confined spaces. They are relatively large size dogs but have an excellent speed. They are loyal, faithful, intelligent, affectionate and a little bit shy. They have a friendly demeanor towards other dogs and humans. They are also known to easily get along, if you have other pets at home.


  • Collie

These lovely animals are gentle, intelligent, can be easily trained; which makes them ideal to be kept as a family dog. They are highly compatible with kids because of their loyalty and tenderness. They are medium sized dogs and they require moderate levels of exercise and daily walks.


  • Mastiff

Mastiffs come in a number of times depending on their origins. They are generally known to be calm and quiet dogs, who are great with kids. They are highly productive of their families although normally they are loyal and caring.


  • German Shepherd

One of the best breeds to be used as guard dog, German Shepherd make great house pets. They are very active, loyal and easily bond with the members of a family. Because of their guard dog nature, they are very protective of their family. They can easily be trained, as they are highly obedient and intelligent animals.


  • Newfoundland

This breed is famous for its strength and calm attitude. These gentle giants have a sweet temper, and they are extremely loyal. Although they are great with the kids, their huge size can be responsible for accidents. They also need a lot of space and tending to.


  • Golden Retriever

Dogs of this breed are known for their confidence, friendly and kind nature. They make excellent fats and easily get along with kids. Unlike the other guard dogs, Golden retrievers are not aggressive to the strangers. They can easily be taught tricks and they are very social and loving animals. They are one of the most recommended dogs for families with kids.


  • Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherds are the ideal choice for the parents looking for a medium-sized dog. They are easy, calm going, devoted and moving to their families. Loyalty of these dogs is also one of their signature features. They are protective of their families and also make great guard dogs.


  • Great Dane

With Great Dane comes Great Size. These dogs are very large in size, but their demeanor is anything but aggressive. They are a very friendly breed, who not only like other people but also other pets in the household. With a little training they can be taught a lot of great things.


  • Labrador Retriever

Labradors make excellent pets for families with little kids because of their loving nature, intelligence and a great sense of smell. However, they are high-energy dogs and require regular exercise. They are always keen to get involved in the family activities and want in on the fun.


  • Rottweiler

Rottweilers are one of the best guard dogs, but they make just as good family dogs. They are known for their obedience, devotion and eagerness to work. These dogs have an innate desire to be protective of their family and home. With proper exercises and training, Rots can also be thought to be gentle and kind.


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