15 Healthy & Best Fruits That Dogs Can Have to Eat

Healthy Best Fruits That Dogs Can Have Eat

According to recent researches on health, it has been suggested that people should increase the portion of fruits intake in their daily diets.

Intake of fruits is recommended because fruits are a rich source of various vitamins and minerals. Fiber found in fruits is good for digestion. I am sure if this research had been conducted for dogs, the recommendation to improve the percentage of fruits would have been higher.

Many dog owners like sharing their food with their pets. It can be seen that dogs enjoy every piece of fruit offered to them. The digestive system of human beings work differently from dogs, some fruits can cause extreme health problems to dogs.

It is said that your health reflects your food intake. Intake of harmful junk food can have long -term impact on human bodies. Similarly, we want our dogs to have as nutritious food as ours. Being carnivores dogs do not need to have all fruits with us. We have fruits in our kitchens but it makes us thoughtful to share them with our cats and dogs.

Question arises that ‘Dogs and cats can eat fruits or not?What are the fruits that can be given to dogs?

The brief and easy answer is that dogs can eat fruits. Dogs can fulfill their nutritive requirements with fruits. One should be cautious that all fruits cannot have a positive impact on dogs. Some fruits can be equally harmful to dogs’ health.


Healthy & Best Fruits That Dogs Can Have to Eat

Here is a list of some good choice of fruits that are harmless for dogs. They can be given to dogs as some reward, snack or in meals.


  • Apples:

It sounds strange if we mention feeding apples to our dogs. Some harmful elements can be found various parts of fruits like in stems, pits, cores or even seeds. These can chemical elements may prove to be harmful to dogs. Dogs do not have the sense to remove the peel or seeds from the fruit. It is better to give them peeled and seedless apples which are secure for them to eat.


  • Strawberries:

You might have never seen a dog eating strawberries. Yes, your dogs can eat strawberries, provided you have removed the stem or any leaves on their top.


  • Bananas:

If your dog likes the taste and enjoys eating bananas, you can allow your dog to have the treat. Feed him with peeled bananas in a limited number.


  • Cantaloupe:

Cantaloupe needs to be cut and sliced for feeding it to dogs. Obese dogs can shed some weight eating this fruit. It is a non-toxic fruit and its seeds are harmless as well. Still it is better not to give seeds to dogs because it can make them to choke. As cantaloupes are rich in sugar they should not be given to fat or diabetic dogs. Watery content and rich fiber can help to avoid dehydration and constipation.


  • Mangoes:

Mangoes can be equally a good choice for dogs as you. But its pit and peel can disturb his digestive system. Feed your dog only with the flesh of mango fruit.


  • Cranberries:

It is fine to give a treat of cranberries to your dog. Fresh and dried both types can be given in moderation. Excessive consumption of cranberries can upset the stomach of your dog. Prepared juices and dishes of cranberries are very risky for dogs.


  • Oranges:

You can see your dog enjoying the flesh and citrus flavor of oranges. Medium intake of oranges is good. High level of fructose in oranges is not good for intake. It is important to learn that citric acid found in oranges is not bad for dogs but it can be harmful for cats. If dogs like oranges, sharp citric taste of oranges is fine for them.


  • Pineapple:

If the outer layer of pineapple is removed, they can be suitable for dogs. It immense nutritive and good taste is good for dogs. It improves the digestive system of dogs containing fruit sugar, minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Some people may not like giving the hard outer layer of pineapples to dogs but they can eat them equally well.


  • Pears:

Pears can be as good as apples for dogs, provided peel and seeds are carefully removed.


  • Peaches:

Peach is an extremely tasty and mouth-watering fruit. But cyanide found in its pit can be fatal. It can get leaked into the immediate flesh of peaches. Fruits with pits can be dangerous for the digestive region of dogs. Along with the organic toxin found in the pits, their large size can block their bowels. One might plan to get peaches available in tin cans. Giving canned fruits to dogs is not a dog idea, one should refrain from it. Canned fruits have rich level of sugar which is not acceptable by the digestive system of dogs.


  • Coconut:

Dogs can enjoy the milk and meat of coconut fruit but in moderation. Coconuts are secure for dogs. The irritating skin of dogs can be cured with coconut oil. Various foods can also be cooked in coconut oil for dogs.


  • Kiwi:

Kiwis are rich in potassium, fiber and vitamin C. it is fine to share a slice with your dog as a treat.


  • Watermelon:

Dogs can safely eat watermelon but one thing must not be forgotten is to remove its seeds.


  • Blueberries:

A few blueberries can be given to dogs. Giving them in plenty is not suitable. If your dog likes them he can have a few.


  • Raspberries:

It is recommended that raspberries are not given as a whole meal but only a few are fine. The digestive system of dogs does not support rich intake of fruit sugar either canned or not.



Moderation is the key to everything. Even the fruits are a safe and healthy choice for dogs they should not be given in excess. Too much intake of sugar found in fruits can disturb the digestive system of dogs. Dogs are carnivores their body requirements are different from human being. It is good to share your fruits with them but it is always good to remember the limits.


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