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Best Grain Free & Low Carbohydrate Dog Food

Take a visit to your nearest grocery store someday, and you’ll find a whole aisle displaying “something-free dog food.” Like, ‘sugar-free,’ ‘lactose-free,’ ‘dairy-free.’ Consumers attract more to such foods to provide their pet with the natural and nutritional food.

The grain-free dog food is very popular these days. Many pet owners prefer to feed their Buddies on grain-free food to prevent any allergies or other health issues.

It is a shared understanding that grains contain proteins and carbohydrates but are hardtop digest for dogs. The protein remains in the stomach and causes allergies to the animal. So, if your dog suffers from fur loss, has skin irritation or goopy eyes or ear infection, you should consider cutting of grains from your dog’s meal.


What does it mean when Food is Low Carbohydrate & Grain-Free food?


Low Carbohydrate

Mostly the store-bought foods with a label of ‘low carb’ on them have 30% carbohydrates. This is a low quantity but, we need to give a smaller amount to our dogs. Remember, low carb does not necessarily mean grain-free as grain-free food can’t be carb-free food.


Grain Free

These seeds are used in the preparation of dog foods.

Barley, Buckwheat, Corn, Oats, Quinoa, Rice, etc..

Not all the grains are harmful to dogs and neither cutting the grain will cut the carb from the dog’s diet. When a dog suffers from digestive or food allergic issues in dogs, a nutritionist or vet might suggest cutting out corn or oats but leave rice, peas or potatoes which are less likely to cause mentioned above problems.


Allergies and Grains Connection:

The reason grain-free foods are so popular these days is that the common understanding (or misunderstanding) among dog parents that all the grains cause allergies to dogs.

To find the answer to this question, Veterinary Practice News interviewed four board-certified vet nutritionists about the role grains play dog allergies.

What nutritionists told the magazine defends my point in the previous lines that corn, wheat, and soy are less likely to cause food allergies among pups.

CailinHeinze, MS, VMD, and a diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition told the magazine, “We honestly don’t know where that got started. It’s not based on any data, and there are excellent foods that contain one or more of those items.”

Having said that, there are still some grains that cause allergies and digestive issues, and you never know to which is grain your pet may be allergic? So, it is better to play safe, isn’t it?

How can you find a quality grain-free dog food?


Best Grain-Free Dog Food

We have developed a list of best grain-free foods available in the market.

The product have been listed for two reasons

  • Must have four stars or higher rating
  • Must be grain-free


1.      Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dog Food

2.      Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Dog Food

3.      Fromm Grain-Free Dog Food

4.      Rachel Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Dog Food

5.      Wellness Core Grain-Free Dog Food

6.     Canidae Grain-Free Dog Food

7.    Merrick Grain-Free Dog Food

8.    Avoderm Grain-Free Dog Food

9.    Zignature Grain Free Dry Dog Food

10.  Natural Balance Grain-Free Dog Food

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