Can Dogs Eat Eggs? Boiled, Scrambled or Raw Eggs?

Can Dogs Eat Eggs

Around the world, a large number of people prefer to have scrambled eggs in breakfast.

While having eggs in breakfast you might have seen your dog sending you to a silent message to share your eggs with him or he’ll make you feel bad like always.

It leaves you confused what you should do.


Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

Even if you want to share small quantity of eggs with him but you have no idea whether it is good or bad for dogs to eat eggs.

It is recommended for human beings to add eggs to their routine diet. It is healthy to eat eggs as they have different types of nutrients in them prove to One thing is clear that your dog’s digestive system can manage to eat eggs. Eggs can be a good dietary supplement for dogs due being rich in proteins, fatty and amino acid.

You can give boiled, scrambled or even raw eggs to your dog. Anything fried including eggs is not advised to be given to dogs. Eggs with shells can prove to be a complete meal for the dogs who find it difficult to eat bones.

are eggs good or bad for dogs

Are Eggs Good for Dogs?

But this thing needs to be considered, are eggs equally beneficial for dogs?  There are several wrong concepts about the feeding eggs to dogs or not. Some people believe that giving raw eggs to them is not a healthy choice. Once you probe into the matter of food poisoning, the dog getting overweight, dangerously increased cholesterol level and deficiency of Vitamin B, you can get your answers.


  • Eggs are easy to digest rich source of proteins other than meat, which is important for dogs to have in the diet.
  • Plenty of amino acids in eggs make it a healthy choice to fulfill amino acid needs in dogs.
  • Eggs can improve the health of your dog’s skin and coat. Especially if your dog is prone to allergies and you have to feed him certain foods to prevent it.
  • Abundant source of Vitamin A
  • Abundant source of Vitamin B12
  • Abundant in minerals
  • Iron enriched
  • Contain riboflavin
  • Contain selenium


Eggs are equally beneficial for you and your dog. They are the finest and low in budget food for your dogs. This is self-evident as best brands of dog food make ample use of eggs in these foods.

Almost everything has some negative impact even if highly beneficial in some aspects. Eggs can give some problem to dogs, but they are not of any serious nature.

  • Eggs contain plenty of fats in yolks, which can make dogs obese or over weight.
  • They can become a source of producing stomach gas in your dogs. If you are feeding eggs to your dog, be ready to smell something unpleasant in the house.

Are Eggs Bad For Dogs too?

It is fine to give a few eggs to your dogs in a week’s time but they should not be the major meal. If the digestive system of your dog supports eating eggs are good for him.


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