Can Dogs Eat Ice? Is It Good or Bad To Feed?

Can Dogs Eat Ice Is It Good or Bad

When the weather is hot and you want to go out play with your canine buddy, you will be wondering about the ways to counter the unbearable temperature and heat afterwards.

Play time with your dog during winter time and cooler temperatures is walk in the park as compared to the same activity during the summers. The temperature makes a lot of difference and adds a level of discomfort and difficulty.

So, what comes into your mind soon as you get back home after a walk with your dog during a hot Sunny Summer Day? Yes, a huge glass of icy water. Did you ever wonder your dog might want some too? After all, there is nothing is refreshing as gulping down ice war following a sweaty walk. Don’t you think your dog could use some ice cubes to cool himself off too? We will tackle all these questions in this article.


Can Dogs Eat Ice?

Yes, dogs can have ice, but not in raw form. It should be dissolved in water or crushed. There is a common misconception that drinking icy water and ice cubes during summers can cause bloating in your dog. It is not true, as most of the times the dog had consumed something else along with having ice that led to bloating.


Is Ice Good for Dogs?

You can feed ice to you dog but you need to be cautious and follow some guidelines to make sure that it does not harm him in any way. The key thing is to not feed an ice cube in its entirety to your dog. Firstly, the ice cubes should be crushed into fine pieces. An entire ice cube can be really dangerous, as it can stick to that thing of your dog. It is also a serious choking hazard and can get lodged in the throat of a dog, which can cause severe damage.

It is not essentially the ice that causes bloating. If a dog is really thirsty and dehydrated on a summer day, he is going to drink the water hastily and quickly. This will suck in air along with water into the stomach and hence, cause the stomach to bloat. Something that is wrongly attributed to feeding ice water to a dog in summers.


Is Ice Bad for Dogs Too?

Just like in humans, chewing on ice cubes can be really bad for the teeth of a dog. This is something that you will need to be careful about. If the dog munchies violently on big chunks of ice cubes instead of letting them melt with time, there is a high likelihood that it will harm the teeth. Worst case scenario, it will damage or even break some teeth.

Best practice to go about it is to crash down the big chunks of ice cubes into a fine powder that cannot have the same as yours as entire frozen ice cubes. Putting ice in water instead of feeding ice cubes is even better. You will be helping your dog cool off in a lot safer way.


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