Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes? Learn If it is Good or Bad for Pooch!

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes is Good or Bad

Sweet potatoes are fully harvested in the month of September. Dog owners would be eager to learn that its ingredients are good enough for their dogs or not. It is interesting to learn that it is positive and negative both ways.

Sweet potatoes are not harmful to the stomach of dogs and they can eat in moderation. Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and do not have harmful effects on their digestive system.

This vegetable is highly nutritious as compared to white potatoes.


Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes?

It is regarded as anti-diabetic food because of its anti-inflammatory nutrients. It is rich in antioxidants. They have been classified on the basis that they are helpful in maintaining blood sugar in animals.

They are also helpful in lowering the insulin resistance. Vitamin A is the main ingredient that fights against emphysema in dogs.


Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs?

Potatoes are not toxic to dogs. Potatoes are widely used in the world. They can be given to dogs in moderation. Both sweet and white potatoes are regarded as a rich source of carbohydrates.

Dogs can eat them conveniently like wheat and corn without having any hazards. It depends on the size of your dog that you start with a little quantity of a teaspoon or a tablespoon. If you fiber intake increases suddenly it can cause gastrointestinal issues.

If given a choice, sweet potatoes would be a better choice than white potatoes. They can improve the well-being and health of dogs more. As compared to white potatoes, there are more antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients in sweet potatoes. Similarly, they have lesser sugar level. It is a known fact that excessive sugar is harmful to dogs.

White potatoes are cheaper than the sweet ones, you can understand that the more you get. Famous brands of dog food contain sweet potatoes mostly. Whereas, the lower level dog food brands contain white potatoes. The interesting fact is that they cost you lesser as well as to the manufacturers.

You can add steamed or boiled sweet potatoes to your dog’s diet. Carefully prepared potatoes can provide certain ingredients to dog’s feed.

  • A rich source of carbohydrates to get energy
  • Contains Vitamin A, B, and C
  • Iron and Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • Ohosphorus
  • Calcium for healthy and strong bones and teeth
  • Quite a delicious and inexpensive treat for your dog still not affecting your wallet
  • Dietary fiber in rich amount
  • Vitamins to manage stress level in dogs
  • Antioxidants like beta-carotene
  • Kukomines (phytochemicals) that maintain blood pressure to a healthy level


Are Sweet Potatoes Bad for Dogs too?

It is always good to have caution in making sweet potatoes a regular ingredient in the diet of your dog. If given in large quantities, sweet potatoes, it can increase the weight of your pet dog.

The skin of sweet potato can be moldy and can contain some harmful chemicals on it. Sweet potatoes should be checked carefully before feeding your dog in order to avoid some medical problem. Don’t feed sweet potatoes to your dogs quite often.

Dog owners are advised to consult the veterinary doctors because too much of Vitamin A can cause muscle weakness and bone problems. Though they have lesser glycemic index than white potatoes, it is suggested that before giving it to a diabetic dog the doctor should be consulted.


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