Can Dogs Eat Turkey? Good or Bad Idea to Feed them?

Can Dogs Eat Turky Is it Good or Bad to feed

Turkey meat has low-fats and is lean, mostly enjoyed by folks during the Thanksgiving dinners but ground turkey meat and sandwiches with turkey bacon are also staple foods.

This meat is abundant in essential minerals and vitamins and is packed with fewer fats and calories as compared to chicken, beef and bacon. But the question remains, is it safe to feed turkey to your dog?

We’ll take a look at this query in detail in this article.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

The short answer, yes. You can give turkey to your dog. turkey meat is safe for consumption of dogs and it is a very nutritious and healthy addition to the diet plan of your pup. There are endless health benefits from eating this low calorie, low-fat meat.

The white turkey meat is normally lean as compared to the red meat, which are usually cooked and served at the Thanksgiving dinners. The goodness in turkey meat does not just end there, it is also packed with a number of essential vitamins, proteins and minerals, along with ability to add in preventing different illnesses.

Is Turkey Good for Dogs

Listed below are few benefits of feeding turkey meat to your dog.

  • High Lean Protein

Proteins help the body to perform a number of important functions, and the white turkey meat has just the perfect amount of them. Dogs need a lot of proteins to develop and grow throughout their lifespan. They also help in boosting the immune system of the dog.

  • Source of Vitamin B2

Riboflavin, or Vitamin B2 which is abundantly found in turkey meat plays a great role in energy production in cells along with a number of other vitamins. It is also required to avoid formation of bladder stones.

  • Rich in Phosphorus

Phosphorus helps in promoting the normal functionality of the body and an efficient metabolic system. It is also vital to maintaining the membrane integrity. It is also an important component of strong bones structure, teeth along with calcium.

  • Rich in Omega-3

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to a number of body functions. They help in avoiding allergies, strengthening immune system, regulating blood flow within the vessels, etc. They also offer defense against the number of serious diseases.

  • Source of Selenium

This mineral is needed for building and strengthening a stable and strong immunity system in the body, which is responsible for the overall well being of the dog. And also, in boosting the cognitive abilities, helping the dog to be sharp.

Is Turkey Bad for Dogs too?

You must be wondering, how can something so useful, be bad for a dog? Properly cooked turkey is generally safe to be fed to a dog and has its benefits but on few occasions turkey meat can cause problems. Here are few of those instances.

  • Salmonella Poisoning

Feeding raw turkey meat to your dog poses the threat of Salmonella poisoning. He is a bacteria that can cause serious sickness to your dog. It is advised to avoid feeding raw meat to your dog.

  • Frozen Meat with Additives.

The processed, frozen, and deli turkey meat is not ideal for dog consumption. It has a number of added ingredients that are unhealthy for a dog. You also need to be careful about feeling you don’t worry that has garlic and onions added to it.

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