Can Dogs Eat Yogurt? Is Yogurt Good or Bad for a Dog?

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt Good or Bad

Probiotics are helpful microorganisms that have a number of health benefits when consumed. They are abundantly found in yogurt. Prebiotics are great for the gastrointestinal system of both humans and animals. These days, a lot of dog treats and biscuits have yogurt as an ingredient.

This prompts a number of dog owners to wonder if they should increase the amount of yogurt in their canine friend’s diet plan.


Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?

While a number of dog owners feed yogurt to their pets without any problems, it is normally suggested that dogs should not be fed yogurt. Although pure yogurt is not known to have any toxic effects on the dogs, some of them can be lactose intolerant and yogurt, along with any other dairy products can be problematic for them.

There are specially designed dog probiotic treats available, which are compatible with the digestive system of a dog. Vets recommend dog owners to use these treats instead of yogurt for probiotics benefits, which boost the health of the stomach and intestines.

As for the nutritional value of your card is concerned, it is filled with calcium and proteins responsible for increasing the strength and health of muscles and bones. It also has potassium, which serves as an electrolyte and preserves the optimal balance of fluids within the body of a dog.


Is Yogurt Good for Dogs?

When it comes to choosing the kind of yogurt to feed your dog, you should go with the one that has live bacteria culture. The probiotic is good bacteria that can aid the digestive system of a dog. Greek yogurt has a larger concentration of probiotics as compared to the regular yogurt.

It is extremely helpful when your dog is consuming antibiotics because of an interaction. Antibiotics wipe all kinds of bacteria, including the probiotic. So, feeding your dog yogurt hours after the medicine waiver increase number of good bacteria in the stomach. These bacteria also protect young puppies from yeast infections.

Adding probiotics treats, specifically designed for compatibility with the stomach of a dog, to the diet of your pet is the recommended method. They will increase the immunity against diseases and also boost the gastrointestinal system.


Is Yogurt Bad for Dogs Too?

Yoga can go from extremely beneficial to harmful if your dog is lactose intolerant. Although this condition is more commonly found in the cats, dogs suffer from this condition too. When shopping for yogurt for your dog, make sure that it is plain and nonfat, and does not contain any salt or other additives.

Salt is not good for the health of dogs so make sure to go through the list of ingredients before feeding the yogurt to your canine buddy. Nonfat yogurt is the only safer option because dog’s stomach is not designed to digest fats, and it can cause serious illnesses. To be on the safe side, and to choose the healthiest option, you should go for a plain, unsweetened and nonfat yogurt. You can also throw in couple slices of strawberries just to add the flavor.


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