What Cat Breed is Best for me? – Selecting the Right One!

what cat breed is righ for me

There are some important things you need to consider while deciding the best cat breed  for you.

To build a long lasting and a strong relation with your cat, you will need to choose that cat which suits you better and match with your life style. so that you both enjoy your life peacefully.

By this post I am really sure that you will able to decide a right companion for yourself and hope you will make your decision nicely.

Another reason for choosing the right cat among many other breeds is much important because it’s just like you for shopping, there are hundreds of items out there starting from dressing, shoes and video games etc.but you only select those items which you think are good for you but not only that you also like them and suits you as well as per your personal interest.

Same is the case with selecting a cat breed, you will have to select the one which attracts you and you think that is it is the perfect choice for you.

Interest of a person varies always but your cat is living being  you will have to take extra care of her for 3-5 years. or more, so making the right decision will help you a lot.


Decision going hard?

As mention above that there are many breeds and type of cats from where you can choose one. But it could be tough for you to decide one the best among them, just imagine the following questions in your mind:

  • What do you need , a kitten or an adult cat?
  • Your cat should be long-haired or short?
  • Do you need a lazy lap or active like an opened missile?
  • Does your cat should be talkative or quiet all the time?
  • Dependent or independent cat?
  • Your cat breed; purebred or mixed would be better for you?


The answers are within you that what you decide and depend upon your lifestyles.

For instance:

  • Would you like to sleep along with your cat or separately?
  • Do you love some fascinating words or sound from a cute cat or not?
  • Do you love that cat which is more entertaining than any TV shows or not?


What Cat Breed is Right for you and your Kids?

Well, it seems really hard when you are going to adopt a cat for very first time and know nothing enough about cat and their breeds. For the very same reason, I arrange this well explained guide for such people who are not able to make a quick decisions.

Every person has different opinions, thinking and nature. Someone would be liking blue color while others like red color and it varies from person to person.

In cats, some people love to have white cats and some wants to have black cats. Some people like cats with long furs and some are preferring the fur less cats.

Now. it’s solely on you to recognize your choice and make the right and strong decision.


A Kitten or an adult Cat: Your Choice?



Adult cats are mostly less mischievous and usually calmer naturally. What you want to see in a cat, mostly you get, as you are wishing to have a specific quality in her.

If you are going to adopt an adult cat, consider one thing in mind that the adult cat should be a year or older.


Kittens are usually very cute, curious and adorable with full of energy and also very playful and will never let you bore and learn new things with very ease.

They are also frustrating due to some extents. They required special care and need a heavy supervision to avoid her from problems bring them out from any sort of troubles.

Be patient with them always till she grow and become enough mature to deal with troubles. You cannot get his nature easily before spending some time with her.


Consider your family as a main role in adopting any cat breed.

When you are going to adopt and on the stage of decision, make sure that your kids will feel pleasure with that cat otherwise clash will be all the time, because most of the cat and kids don’t mix up well.

If you are having a child a year or 2 years old then there is a chance that your cat or a kid can harm each other.

Most of the cases are on finger tips that a child grab the sensitive part of a cat as her tail or ear and they can kill that little kitten as well. So ensure and supervise your cat and kids and the actions between them.


Understanding their Personality:

Understanding the cat’s nature is very much essential because some cats are usually smooth and can bear any type of handling within being dressed, brushed or showered.

These cats are mostly are considered to be perfect and appreciated by your kids and elder people of such types.

While others cats are not like be, and don’t want to be dressed, brushed or showered usually on regular bases. They will avail if they wished like to come for doing these stuffs. Such cats which love to live nap and these cats are moody mind machines.

Their personality can be different widely with varies in breed. If someone wished to have a purebred, do what is instructed and performs as according to your wish, because most of the cats are lazy but most of them are extremely active naturally.


Your cat should be Long-haired or Short?

Long Haired:

This part is very essential and important as some cats like to be brushed their long fur and groom them while as vary in breeds, there are also a number of cats, which feel irritating while brushing their long fur.

Long haired cats highly needs special care regarding their hair grooming with frequently to reduce matting. Some of the cats do not enjoy being brushed. Might be you will need to go for groomer specialist to cut down extra long hairs.

Short Haired:

On the other hand short-haired cats usually don’t require much brushing than long-haired. In addition brushing them will also helpful to prevent fur damage or dropping down, will help in stimulate skin too.

Also provide oiled massage session for their better grooming. The cats which love to be brushed will come in hurry as she needs to be brushed.


Cat Breed; Pure-breed or Mixed would be better for you?

Cats have fewer breeds as compare to dogs. Dogs breeds are consider according to their special qualities and their special working.

Same as dogs, cats are having different breeds depend upon their qualities and their way to perform such tasks. Cats are mostly adopted for having a relationship or companion ship for lonely people. But some cats breeds are also have dome specific personality.

If you decided to adopt a cat then ensure you are well researched about that breed if not then contact and ask breeders specialist to guide you every single thing.

Some cats are mix breed , so you should have enough guidance about their medical condition and specifications. Generally mix breeds are much healthier, but their gene pools are changed so it is very important know all about them.


Cats Need Special Care:

If you are giving proper requirements and fulfill their needs then you can create an excellent bond with your cat and make an amazing companionship.

They might be having such disorders and could have any sort of illness. Then your cats need a regular medication and proper treatment.

The amount of your love toward your beloved cat doesn’t get an extra charge on your side but it would be the love for your cat and she needs your commitment and response from your side to meet their needs for the rest of their lives.


Become a responsible pet adopter:

As you decide or choose to adopt a cat of your need and wish, you will have to become a responsible parent pet and ideal for them by giving everything that they requires from you especially your love and care to make her life better and try to provide her a better future with all self satisfaction.


Final Words:

I hoping that somehow I made it easy and simple for you to select the right and best cat breed for you and you enjoyed reading all. If you decided to get one, please share with us in the comment section below and if you found this article worth to read, don’t forget to share with your all friends to make it easy for them as well in making decision on right and best cat breed for them. Thank you for reading.