Cat Breeds List | Kinds & Types with Info and Images |

Cat Breeds List Kinds & Types with Info and Images

Cats are counted as one of the most favorite pets ever. They are cute, adorable and just act like a human child while growing up. Many people are too much emotionally related to their cats and treat them like their own children.

We have compiled a list of all breeds of cats including their characteristics, origin and all the necessary things you need to know before getting a pet cat.

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Cat Breeds List:


1. Abyssinian


The Abyssinian belongs to the ticked or agouti breed, each phrases used for the cat’s sort of fur. Its incredible function is its silky, multicolored coat that is a combination of several tinted lenses on each hair shaft. Every strand of hair has dark colored bands, contrasting with the mild colored bands, and finishing with a darkish tip.


2. American Bobtail

American Bobtail

The Yankee bobtail cat in all terms lengthy and well-constructed. Their hind legs are slightly longer than their forelegs, a characteristic they part with bobcats. It wears a rain-resistant, all-climate double coat. The American bobtail has a wild appearance, with barely almond-formed, “hunter” eyes.


3. American Curl

American Curl

This cat normally has a nicely-proportioned and narrow construct. Its coat is gentle, silky, and mild, with no undercoat. Because of outcrossing, introducing unrelated genetic material into a breeding line with other breeds, the curl may be located in many colors, and in each lengthy and brief-haired variety.


4. American Domestic Short hair

American Domestic Shorthair

This cat comes in various sizes and colors. It is able to be smooth and lengthy, or small and fluffy. Its coat may also be quick or long, may be dense or sparse, and may come in any coloration or sample. The primary floor colorings for the domestic are orange and black, and lots of may be correctly referred to as tabbies.


5. American Shorthair

American Shorthair

The American shorthair is a muscular cat with a sweetie disposition. Medium to large in length, it’s far a running cat in each regard, displaying both balance and staying authority. The most striking color for the American shorthair’s coat is sterling silver coat with black markings.


  1. American Wirehair

American Wirehair

The American wirehair is medium to big in length, with a well- rounded structure and large, lively eyes that are round and pitch upward at the exterior corners. It’s far found in a dispersion of colors and has a similar general, an abstract beautiful best for the animal type as the American shorthair.


  1. Balinese


In the maiden years of propagation, the Balinese had denser bones and well-formed heads, extra comparable to the former popular Siamese. They had a great deal longer coats than the Balinese breed today, with full ruffs and britches.

Over the years, Balinese breeders have developed the physical shape of the breed by way of crossing it with the parental breed, the Siamese, and the utilities of the Balinese have grown-up to be leaner and longer, simply as the present day Siamese has.


  1. Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is a stretched, muscular, medium- to enormous-sized cat, with a vast head and nose, excessive cheekbones, and declared fraction pads. The eyes are orbicular and wide, with darkish patterns across the eyes and the ears small and rounded on the procedures.


  1. Birman


Birman cats are the gentlest cats in all 43 breeds of cats. They are also a bit faithful and loyal, a characteristic very rare in cats. They are adorable and intelligent. They are very friendly to strangers. Birman cats are ideal animals as pets and are very easy to carry and handed.

They just need a little bit affection and love from you and you will bring out the best in them.


  1. Bombay Cat

Bombay Cat

Bombay cat are the love hunting cats, they become very much attached to their owners and can’t survive a single day without them. They chase their owners around the house and make gentle attempts to gain their attention, love and affection. They love to play and are very energetic.  They are also very attracted towards kids and tend to take good care of them.


  1. British Shorthair

British Shorthair

Brit is the quietest and calmest cat of all breeds of cats. They are very much faithful and attracted towards their owner. At first when they are brought to a new home, they tend to be shy and very much quiet, but once they are familiar with you can’t find a much faithful cat anywhere.


  1. Burmese


According to different resources and breeders, Burmese is a very playful, smart and fun lover cat. If you are a pet lover who could use some entertainment and love, then believe me this cat is very much suitable for you. This cat is also very faithful and loyal pet, the only problem this cat has that it is very much selective about its food.


  1. Chartreux


Chartreux loves to play and they are best companion when comes to outdoor games. They tend to be very intelligent and are best partners if u needs a mature acting cat for you in adult hood. They are also faithful, loyal to a great extent and also very much quiet. They quickly memorize their name and will leap towards you on one call.


  1. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

It is one of the most active cats in all breeds of cats. They are very hard to ignore especially when they are in mood to socialize or play. They prefer to do long walks and play in parks. They love to sit in their owner’s lap in winter season. Cornish Rex is an excellent sprinter and is a perfect cat as an athlete.


  1. Cymric Cat

Cymric Cat

Cymric cats had a great following despite of many flaws in the breed. The breed is very much gentle and of non-aggressive behavior. This breed could be easily taught about games and tricks. They also are very comfortable with different animals even with the dogs. They are of cool temperament and are a very good family cat.


  1. Devon Rex

Devon Rex

Devon Rex cat breed have been many times compared to different fictional creatures due to their long ears and big eyes. This breed is known to be the most loving one of all breeds of cats as they will cuddle you at night and will wake you up in the morning making you sure of their presence. Devon Rex Cat is also a very much curious type of cat and wants to do whatever it is you are doing.


  1. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau

This cat is considered to be a very beautiful cat due to its beautiful coating and soft skin. They were also used in duck hunting in ancient times. They are also one of the most ancient cats known of all breeds of cats. They have a very melodious voice and are normally quiet. They generally don’t treat strangers very well.


  1. Exotic Shorthair

This cat is not a very popular cat, and people don’t like it very much due to their laziness and fatness. But if we go by the personality, they are the most loyal, sweet and quiet cats. They follow their owner like shadow around the whole house. They also tend to find coolest spots around the house because there thick fur makes there body hot pretty soon.


  1. Havana Brown Cat

Havana brown cats are the most agreeable and adjustable cats of all breeds of cats. These cats are the most sacrificing cats ever, and they could adjust to any situation with their owner as you could think of. They love their owners and never let them out of their sights. They also sometimes hide their owner’s things, so if you are a Havana brown cat owner, you should check your cat’s bed if case of any thing missing.


  1. Himalayan Cat

Himalayan Cat is the perfect indoor cat you could ever think of. They are playful and very calm. Himalayans love to play with threads and such things and even a small toy cat will keep them occupied for hours. They are hungry for love and they spent their half day just seeing attention. They are very much loud and don’t tend to do stupid things to get you attention.


  1. Javanese Cat

Javanese cats are very close relatives of Balinese cats. Just like their relatives they love to play, are very much devoted and are very much expressing about everything. They just love to eat and food is a very essential part of their life. They tend to have a good communication with their owner and also follow them almost everywhere like a ghost.


  1. Korat Cat

Korat is one of impatient cat, which hate to be late for anything and absolutely hates it if its routine is disturbed. But they are also seemed to be having higher intelligence. These cats love toys and games. They will even fight with other pets to be in your lap, around your arms and on your shoulder. They hate to share, whether it’s the food or their owner.


  1. Maine Coon Cat

This cat was crowned as the America’s second most popular cat due its intelligence, loving nature and their loyalty to their owners. This cat is very much calm and quiet, but is very much reserved when there are strangers around. This cat is very much fond of water and its coat is water repellent.


  1. Manx Cat

Manx cat has a great following of breeders and owners despite of its all physical faults. This cat is the best and perfect pet for home. The cat is very intelligent and is the most fun loving cat around. This cat forms a very strong bond with their owner and follows them around everywhere. They are also very fond of water; it is also a very good sprinter and jumper due to its long and powerful back legs


  1. Munchkin Cat

As far as it matters for them, munchkins are careless in regards to the discussion encompassing them, cross on being essentially what they are, felines; confident and active. They are very fond of fight and play with their since quite a while ago legged cat mates, luckily uninformed that there’s something excellent around them. Nor do their haircat colleagues manage them like members of the vertically tested. Most straightforward individuals study them askance.


  1. Norwegian Forest Cat

These cats are as suggested by name, wild nature cats. They love to play outdoors and are very much fond of forest and wide area spaces. Despite of their strong muscular bodies, they are very sweet creatures and love their owner family. They are also very silent type pets. They bond with only one special human and devote their whole attention to that creature. This cat is a very special cat out of all breeds of cats.


  1. Ocicat Cat

Ocicat cat is a beast by face but a real beauty by heart. They are very playful, devoted towards their owner, curious and very much family oriented pet. They are highly intelligent and tend to mesmerize their name quickly and could be taught a large number of tricks to play. They also get along with other pets quite easily.


  1. Oriental Cat

The personality of this cat is very multi-talented. It is full of energy and enthusiasm. This cat always tries to be the center of attention and thinks that the world revolves around them. This is a very curious cat and tends to be involved in all affairs of its owner. This cat has very short tempered feelings and is easily hurtled so you have to pay extra attention and affection to them.


  1. Persian Cat

One of the most famous cats ever is undoubtedly the Persian Cat.  This cat is the most hyper charged pet you will ever encounter with. It is also a sweet tempered, cute and devoted cat. It does not interact with everyone, but choose a specific human for all of their love and affection. They also require a great deal of time form their owner as their hairs need proper care and grooming.


  1. Nebelung Cat

The main difference between the Russian Blue cat and this cat is the hair size coat. The hair coat of Russian cat is short and thick whereas nebelung’s coat is medium type. This cat is a very mild and gentlemen cat. They are normally very much shy around strangers. But this type of cat is very much intelligent. They are also selective in the sharing their love with some specific human.


  1. Ragdoll Cat

This cat is a very mannered cat and is the perfect companion for your indoor plays. This cat is up to very extent a playful but not much active. They are very much adaptable to their environment and could easily settle to their surroundings.  This cat has a soft voice and is very much passionate about its owner. They are not over demanding but they love food to their life.


  1. Russian Blue Cat

Russian blue cat is a very gentle and reserved type of cat when it is around strangers. They are very much open and playful when they are around their favorite human partner. They follow their companions and favorite human like shadows from room to room. They are very well behaved and also polite and gentle.


  1. Scottish Fold

Scottish fold is a very intelligent and short tempered cat. This cat is a very friendly pet and is easily adjustable in any type of situation. They are very much loyal and just form bond with only one person. They usually don’t allow others to cuddle or love them as they only want one special human to do that. They are not demanding and clingy despite of their devotion.


  1. Selkirk Rex Cat

Selkirks love to make fun and are mellow cats with a generous degree of affection for their human partner. This is a very people loving cat and loves every human who loves it, they live playful and kittenish whilst adults. They very social and do not do nicely in isolation.


  1. Sphynx Cat

The breed does appear to own some persona features of each and every, despite what geneticists would say about one of these combo. To assert Sphynxes are lively is an underestimation; they perform monkey-like aerialist feats from the top of doorways and bookshelves. Very committed and loyal, they follow their humans around, wagging their tails domestic dog trend and purring with affection.


  1. Somali Cat

With all of the virtues of the Abyssinian and decorated via a lovely semi-long coat, the Somali is a wonderful and lively addition to any loved ones. Don’t get a Somali if you want a cat that may be taken for a furry doorstop, or if you need a cat with the intention to do your bidding. Like the Abyssinian, the Somali is lively, curious, and high-spirited, and loves to prance across the house, opening cabinets and usually coming into mischief.


  1. Snowshoe Cat

Breeders brave enough to take on the Snowshoe venture to find that the cat pays again the hassle in love and affection. Any person watching for an aloof, standoffish cat needn’t practice for Snowshoe ownership, fanciers declare that Snowshoes do not appreciate that they may be cats; they recall themselves folks.


  1. Singapura Cat

Singapuras, fortunately ignorant of the controversy surrounding them, go right on being what they’re pesky persons pleasers. At home in any main issue, Puras like to be the core of concentration and so they do not look to recognize the phrase ‘stranger’, they wish to be there with you to welcome your friends. They are curious, people-oriented, and stay playful well into maturity.


  1. Siberian Cat

Siberians are affectionate cats with a high-quality dose of personality and playfulness. They are amenable to handling, and breeders are aware that Siberians have a fascination with water, generally dropping toys into their water dishes or investigating bathtubs before they’re dry. Siberians look very smart, with the capability to crisis-solve to get what they need.


  1. Siamese Cat

Some cats appear to suppose that a purr or a pleasant rub speaks louder than words. Siamese are not of this faculty of idea and are recognized for their expertise for speaking their ideas and goals virtually to their selected human beings. In case you can’t be drawn into dialogue, they may be glad to hold up a jogging monologue on your enlightenment.


  1. Turkish Van

Turkish Vanis famous for their ‘movement-packed’ temperament. They are talkative, traumatic of interest, and show fantastic gusto at dinnertime. Breeders also say that vans are recognized for their attachment to their human partners, and now and again that makes transferring a Van from one household to some other difficult. They have a tendency to pick out one or humans in the household, normally the ones that address them to begin with, and bond with them all the time.


  1. Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora fanciers are as connected to their cats as their cats are to them. Angoras seem to invoke strong responses of their human beings with their symmetry, intelligence, and devotion to their human beings. Angoras bond with their families completely; an Angora is not glad except he’s right inside the center of something you’re doing. They revel in an amazing communication and might keep up their give up of the discussion with the first-rate of them. Angoras are accurate-natured, however decided. Once an Angora receives a concept into his head, you might as well just supply in and spare yourself the lengthy argument


  1. Tonkinese Cat

The Tonkinese has a winsome character, no longer unexpected since the Burmese and Siamese are prized for their temperaments. Trustworthy fans say the Tonkinese has the first-rate of both breeds. His voice is milder in tone than the Siamese; but, he does trust in tom cat unfastened speech and desires to share all the day’s adventures with you whilst you come domestic within the night. The Tonkinese craves, and returns, affection and companionship. In contrast to the relaxation of your busy family, he’ll usually join you for dinner.

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