Dog Clicker Training: How to Train a Dog with Clicker?

Start Training your Dog with Clicker!

Dog Clicker Training

You want to know exactly how to train your dog with clicker? If yes, then this guide is for you, you may seemed surprised after reading this but trust me you will be thanking me after you have followed this guide and your dog is good to go with the clicker. Let’s make teaching your dog commands an easy job to do so.

Clicker preparing is a well-known approach to prepare your canine and prize his great conduct. It can be a good time for you and your pooch and frequently delivers fast and viable results.

Clicker preparing depends on the logical idea that a creature will keep on doing a conduct that is rewarded. Once your canine comprehends what the clicker is about, you will have the capacity to show him a wide range of traps with a lot of prizes en route.


How to Train Your Dog with Clicker:


  1. Learn yourself how to use a clicker

A clicker, which is accessible at your nearby pet store, is a little, handheld plastic gadget with a catch or little metal tongue that you push down on to make a clicking noise. The way to utilizing a clicker is to utilize it at the definite minute that your pooch plays out the normal conduct.

The sound of a tick ought to dependably be trailed by some sort of prize (eg, sustenance, toys, verbal praise). Remember that the clicker is the sign that a prize is coming, as opposed to being the prize itself. With the clicker, your puppy will learn two fundamental things–the accurate minute that he is making the best choice, and that a treat dependably comes after the snap.

The clicker can be an a great deal more exact strategy than verbal signs (“great” or “much obliged”) to speak with your canine amid an instructional meeting. This can accelerate the pace of preparing. You could think about the clicker like the triumphant bell on a diversion show–the clamor flags the precise minute that the right conduct or activity is being performed.

This step is very important in the process of how to train your dog with clicker.


  1. Get your dog friendly with the clicker

Before you can utilize the clicker for preparing purposes, you should educate your canine what the clicker intends to him. This is known as “charging” the clicker. While you are in the room with your puppy (any peaceful room will do), hold a treat in one hand and the clicker in the other. Push down on the click

er once.

At the point when your canine swings to you at the sound of the snap, quickly give him the treat.You will require no less than a modest bunch of treats, since you will hone this over and over. Repeat this few times. Differ the measure of time that you grasp the treat before utilizing the clicker so that your puppy does not start to expect when the treat will come.

If by any chance your puppy needs to sniff and attempt to get at the treat, keep your hand shut and hold up until he loses enthusiasm for the treat before utilizing the clicker.


  1. Use the clicker when you sense something odd

This is called “shaping”– by utilizing the clicker and prompt prize at every little stride, you are forming the new conduct as a whole. For case, in the event that you need to prepare your pooch to go rests in a particular zone, snap and reward him when he turns his body toward that region.

You can then snap and reward him at every little stride: starting to stroll to the new spot, touching base at the new spot, beginning to rests, and completely resting on the floor. By utilizing the clicker and prize at every little stride, you will furnish him with consistent uplifting feedback as he is taking in the new conduct.

He will feel that this learning is fun and will probably play out the new conduct with enthusiasm. You may need to hone every progression of the new conduct again and again before moving to the following little stride


  1. Use the food as a trap

For this technique, the treat is utilized to bait your pooch into doing the normal conduct. Sustenance bait is generally utilized when preparing a pooch to rests. For this conduct, you would hold the treat directly before your canine’s nose and gradually move the treat down to the floor. Your canine will take after the treat down.

At the point when his elbows hit the floor, instantly snap and reward him with the treat. When you see that your pooch reliably reacts with the sustenance bait, evacuate the nourishment draw however keep on holding your hand before his nose as though you have a treat. When he rests, promptly utilize the clicker and give him a treat.

In the end, your puppy will figure out how to rests by taking after just your hand signals without the draw of a treat. The “bait” technique can at times be faster than the “forming” or “getting” strategies


  1. Add verbal cue

Including a verbal signal is useful paying little mind to which strategy for clicker preparing you have been utilizing to prepare your canine. You will say the signal first and after that sit tight for your puppy to do the sought conduct.

When he does the conduct, snap and reward him with a treat. Your verbal prompt ought to be short and immediate, for example, “sit” or “down.” Sentences, for example, “Be a decent kid and stay” or “Move over for mother” would be too long.

Ensure that you give the verbal prompt before your pooch does the conduct so he knows not for your summon and afterward react to it. On the off chance that you have utilized the “draw” technique, give the hand signal in the wake of saying the verbal prompt.


Last words on Guide.

This guide is a very useful technique when you want to control your dog, upon conducting the bad behavior. I hope you found this guide on how to train your dog with clicker very helpful. Please SHARE with your friends as a reward for my effort. Thank You!

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