Easiest Dogs Breeds to Train? – Here are Those Best 5 Dog Breeds

Easiest Dogs Breeds to Train

One of the best things about dogs is their ability to learn tricks. It is an amazing sight to see a Papillon dancing or a Lab jumping through hoops. If you want to get yourself a dog who can do all these tricks, then there are few things you need to look for.

There are a number of factors that can affect the ability of a dog to learn commands and tricks, like his age, health, mental state, as well as how good the trainer is.


Easiest Dogs Breeds to Train

Here is a list of dogs who have the natural ability to learn new things quickly and are more acceptable to training. These pooches are extremely intelligent and quick studies, who will not give you a hard time on the training block.


  1. Border Collie

Widely regarded as a very smart breed, Collies are very trainable dogs. Border Collies in particular can be taught commands and tricks very easily. They are known for their eagerness and proactive nature when it comes to learning. They are also very active and adventurous dogs who are always looking for a new activity. They have high amounts of energy, and you will rarely find them sitting still.

Border collies have a medium built with long coats and strong bones. It is very easy to house train these dogs, especially if you take your pup out frequently. If you reward them for stepping outside to relieve themselves and taking care of the mess, it will teach them that not doing so is not an acceptable behavior.


  1. Labrador Retriever

Labradors are very versatile and talented dogs who can be trained to perform a number of serious tasks like serving as guide dogs, therapy dogs, rescue dogs, and even acting dogs. All of this is due to their incredible tendencies of eagerness to learn, soft temperament and loyalty. A good trainer will have no trouble teaching these dogs commands and tricks.

Their easy going and kind nature makes them one of the best pets to have for families who have not owned a dog before. They are always game for fun and play and are very easy to handle. They always need something to keep them occupied, so make sure to never let them get bored or they might go off seeking adventures around the house.


  1. Papillon

These dogs are stand out energetic pooches, who don’t have are always on the lookout for the next activity. They are very witty and sassy dogs, who are down for long walks and new tricks to be thrown at them.

Training Paillons is easy, although the trainer needs to pay serious attention to them as they have a bubbly and animated attitude. They come in small fun sized build and make great apartment pets. They are also different from their toy breed sisters, who are generally difficult and stubborn. They also get along very well with kids.


  1. German Shepherd

GSDs are world’s most famous dog breed, and rightfully so. They are one of the most prominent service dogs, who serve in a number of fields. They are used as guard dogs, for bomb and narcotics detection, in military and police service among many others. They also make excellent and very protective family pets of their human friends.

They have a persistent attitude and are very dedicated, which makes it easier to train them. Although they can sometimes get a bit rough with other dogs at times, because of their nature to be dominant and be in charge. With proper socializing, they can get along well with other pets in the house.


  1. Poodle

As opposed to the cliché about their pretentious and stuck up nature, propagated thanks to the Hollywood movies, they are great dogs to have. They don’t get enough recognition for their smartness and wits, and their ability to learn commands and tricks. Poodles were originally bred as circus dogs, before making their way into the lives of rich folks and becoming a fashion symbol.

Poodles have an innate ability to pick up tricks and commands quicker than other dog breeds. However, only an experienced and seasoned trainer can handle a poodle, but as demanding as it may sound, the results are pretty amazing. A good trainer can bring out the willingness to learn in a poodle.

Poodles have different varieties, but the ideal ones for training are the full poodles, as compare to the other toy or miniature kinds, who have more stubborn tendencies and are not known to get along well with children. Full Poodles are laid back and eager pooches, who love hanging out with everyone.

The key to teaching a dog commands and tricks is patience. You will need to be steadfast in the training process and go easy on the dog. You will reap the benefits of this training when your dog has mastered the commands and learnt the tricks.


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