7 Home Remedies for Worms in Dogs – Cure for Dogs with Worms

Home Remedies for Worms in Dogs Puppies

Dogs are not known to be particularly choosy when it comes to the stuff they like to put in their mouth. They can eat random stuff off the ground. This can lead to a number of health and stomach problems including worms. It is not easy for a dog owner to keep a track of what your dog eats.

There are six different types of worms that a dog can catch. The list includes:

  • tapeworms
  • roundworms
  • heartworms
  • threadworms
  • whipworms
  • hookworms


But before we jump into the list, there are few things like the signs and reasons about how a dog can get worms that we need to discuss.


Symptoms of Worms in Dogs


If a dog has worms, he is likely to show following symptoms.

  • Cough, vomiting and nervousness
  • Diarrhea, bloated abdomen
  • Loss or hike in appetite
  • Dull coat and irritation in the skin
  • Fur or fecal matter containing worms


Best Remedy is Prevention:

Regardless of which worm has infected your dog, the ideal solution is prevention. The first thing is to make sure there once a dog has relieved himself, you get rid of the feces. Make sure that the area is clean and the dog does not eat his own feces. Also stop your dog from drinking water from polluted lakes, streams or ponds. There are some medications available that not only prevent ticks and fleas but also heartworms. You can use that to save your dog from getting these parasites. If your dog has worms, you may find their residue or segments of the body in his fecal matter.


Home Remedies for Worms in Dogs:


In case your dog gets one of these worms, you can use few effective home remedies to cure and deworm them.


  • Food-grade DE


If a dog has roundworms, whipworms or hookworms, this is an excellent homemade remedy that you can use. Food grade or dichotomous earth has sharp edges that can penetrate the protective coating of these worms, causing dehydration and eventually death of these parasites. It is safe for both the external and internal use to deworm a dog suffering from this infestation.


  • Pumpkin Seeds


This is another great homemade deworming compound that can be used easily. Pumpkin seeds are loaded with amino acids there can help in removing roundworms and tapeworms from the intestines of your canine friend. They can have a paralyzing effect on the worms leaching to the insides of intestine, flushing them out with the bowel movement.


  • Cloves


Cloves are known for their antibacterial and antiparasitic properties. With the help of this homemade remedy, you can destroy a number of intestinal worms that are found in dogs. Along with that, cloves can also be used for increasing the immune system of the body by boosting the count of white blood cells. They have great all-around effects. It should be fed to the dog depending on their body weight.


  • Turmeric


There are number of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties attributed to turmeric. These properties make them an excellent homemade remedy for dog worm infestation. It will also aid in speeding the healing process of the intestinal areas that were damaged by the worms, as well as reduce the levels of toxicity caused by them.


  • Wormwood


This is a natural herb that also makes an excellent homemade cure for intestinal parasites present in dogs. It has excellent antiparasitic attributes and it is also known to improve the digestive system and strengthen the intestines. Again, the dosage depends on the size of the dog.


  • Garlic


Garlic is generally considered toxic for the dogs but when administered in small controlled quantities, it can be an effective homemade cure for worms. It can also remove the toxicity present in the body while killing the harmful bacteria. It should be fed to a dog in very small quantities and also depending on the size of the animal.


  • Parsley Water


This natural substance is also known for the deworming properties and it is a very safe homemade option for this purpose. If you use parsley water, it will not only help in deworming but also remove the toxins that were left in the system of the dog by the parasites. It also has great nutritive values and also boosts the immune system.



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