Homemade Remedies for Fleas on Dogs – Make Pup’s Life Easier

Homemade Remedies for Fleas on Dogs

One of the most common pest that attack dogs are fleas. These nasty pests find their way to the skins of dogs who live in unclean environments, although they are also known to infect cleaner dogs too. Fleas are tiny blood-sucking insects feeding on the blood of mammals.

Fleas are dark brown and microscopic in appearance. They cannot fly as they do not have wings. But they can hop from one receiver to another during this process they keep laying innumerable eggs.They find strong resistance in freezing temperatures therefore, you can find more of them in the summer season.They can be a source of transmitting diseases like myxomatosis and plague.

Fleas are considered to be harmful to the health of dogs and the families. They are stubborn pests to be avoided or removed if they find suitable conditions to thrive. The time period for the completion of their life cycle is within two weeks. An adult female flea can lay hundreds of eggs in a life span, which causes flea infestation. It is important to kill the fleas, their eggs and to prevent their recurrence.

Fleas can also bite human beings, if you find some symptoms, be assured that your house and pets are also affected. Several chemical products are available in the market to counter the fleas.


The Symptoms of Fleas on the Dogs

  • Continuous and intense itching
  • Occurrence of hotspots
  • Dried skin
  • Dry blood on the skin or in the fur
  • Loss of hair especially from root of the tail and the rump
  • Skin showing redness
  • Developing rashes
  • Flea dirt
  • Growth of flea allergy dermatitis


Homemade Remedies for Fleas on Dogs:

Some natural treatments can be used to get rid of fleas, and for saving your pets and homes from being infested. They are easier to use and are less likely to have harmful effects.


  • Increase the Dog Shampoo

There is a variety of dog shampoos in the markets to treat the flea problem. You can convert the regular dog shampoo your dog’s flea shampoo. Mix a cup of dog shampoo, half cup of fresh lemon juice in two cups of water and save this mixture in a shampoo bottle. This can be used for bathing your dog weekly.  For bathing the large structured dog, you can increase the proportion of the ingredients.


  • Using a flea comb

This is in one of the most effective and easiest ways to get rid of fleas. Receiving all the attention your dog may feel happy and healthy. This can give him a groomed look. Choose a good quality of comb that can clear all sizes of fleas, larva and eggs. You should detangle your dog’s hair before combing him to save him from pain.


  • Use of Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of water for your dog to drink during the day. It is better to consult about the quantity of ACV according to the body weight of the animal. It helps in keeping the skin and the fur of dogs moderately acidic to repel fleas and ticks. It is a useful idea to keep the fur moderately acidic but avoid using it directly on the skin because it causes irritation of the broken skin.


  • Rosemary

Rosemary is really helpful organic flea controlling product. It does not only help removing fleas but it can also be helpful in repelling and preventing them.


  • Use Heat and Wash Bedding

Keep the fabric and bedding of your dog washed properly.  A strong detergent can be really helpful in getting rid of larvae, eggs and fleas. Drying can be really effective to get rid of larvae, eggs and adult fleas. Use maximum heat in the electric dryer to get the best results.


  • Using Boric Acid Powder

The boric acid powder can really be useful in removing fleas up to fifty percent from areas that are less humidor exposed to the sunlight. Be careful that dogs do not lick the boric acid because they cannot tolerate it. Eggs will be dried and neutralized after a few days. This will cause larvae suffocated enough to die. After this procedure, the only vacuum would be required to remove the debris.


  • Making a Flea Collar

Mix two drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil in one teaspoon water to apply on the dog’s collar. You can also sprinkle it on some handkerchief and tie it around the neck of your dog this will prevent the expected fleas.


  • Vacuuming the floor periodically

Vacuuming and cleaning can really be helpful to keep fleas away as they like warm and damp areas. Pets roam around the house and can sit in any corner, it is better to vacuum the house periodically to avoid from increasing fleas and their attacks.


  • Use of Citronella Oil Mixture

Citronella Oil Mixture is strong scented fragrant oil to work effectively against pests and bugs. This oil can be equally effective in preventing the fleas from invading the house. This can be made a stronger solution by adding Citronella Oil Mixture to other types of essential to help to build a good preventing measure against fleas.


  • Planting Pennyroyal

Pennyroyal with its strong scent can be a good source to prevent fleas from entering your house. Fleas cannot continue their life cycle in the house where a fresh piece of Pennyroyal is put around.


  • Use of Table Salt

To prevent the fleas from entering your house, even table salt can do wonders. It is a low cost and a well-known remedy to sprinkle salt all around in the house.



Though different essential oils can be really effective in the prevention of fleas, excessive quantities of them cause a great deal of trouble for your dogs or may harm them. It is advised to consult the veterinary doctor to guide you about the appropriate quantity of the mentioned things in order to keep your dog safe from the side effects. Percentage of the concentration of essential oils and immunity of your dogs need to be taken proper care of.


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