Putting a Dog to Sleep – How to Put Down a Dog to Sleep Forever?

How to Putting Down a Dog to Sleep

One of the most difficult decision that every dog owner dreads, is the prospect of putting their dog to sleep. Regardless of the reason behind it, it is never easy. Parting ways with someone you have grown to love and consider a part of your family is tough to go through.

However, at moments like these, you will need to be strong and take responsibility for this decision. As horrible as it may seem, you will have to accept this harsh reality of life. And you need to remember that this decision was for the good of your beloved fur buddy.


Whether you adopt a puppy or buy one, you should also keep in mind that you might have to face this unpleasant and painful situation one day. This personal decision can get a lot easier if you are not going through it alone. You can seek help from your family, friends and your vet. It is crucial that you consult your vet before making any such decision as they are qualified individuals, who can lay out other options and whether this one could be avoided.


Try to think of what is best for your dog. Put the well-being of your canine friend ahead of your sorrow. Will this make things easier for your dog? If yes, then go with it. Oftentimes, the dog owners fail to understand this and keep their dogs alive to suffer and because of their selfishness. The quality of life for a dog needs to be prioritized over a human’s temporary emotional state.


Putting Down a Dog to Sleep:


Euthanasia or putting a dog to sleep is the kind of decision that needs to be carried out after understanding the situation completely. Usually, this measure is advised because of the following three conditions:


  • The dog is suffering from grueling agony and there are no other options left that could alleviate his misery.
  • The dog is really sick and the medical treatment is either not available or inaccessible.
  • The dog is really old, rabid, uncomfortable or aggressive.


Dogs age differently than humans and with old age, their body functions stop working in full capacity. This can lead to an inability to do a lot of things. Due to some conditions, where the levels of pain exceed the pleasure or health, then putting the dog to sleep is an advised step.


Some health complications, where the possibilities of recovery are very low, conditions and injuries can also put the animal in a situation where the best option is to euthanize it. Although, painkillers and surgical procedures can delay the eventual death, but it only adds to the misery of the already suffering animal. This is why the decision to euthanize a dog needs to be taken on time.


Vets don’t recommend euthanasia unless it is the last resort. They are aware of the emotional attachment dog owners have with their pets. They will keep this option locked until all others are exhausted. They will calibrate the chances of recovery, or any possibility of returning to complete health. They will go over every available treatment for your dog’s condition, the effects and consequences, before arriving at this conclusion. Remember, the decision to go ahead with euthanasia is yours only, and they vet will only help you with the facts.


The vet will make sure that they explain the complexity of the situation to you, so that you understand all of your options. They will go over the condition of your pet, and all the related details so that he can make the decision. It is important to understand and be completely aware of the situation so that the process of making the decision is easier for you, and you are at peace with going through with it. Unless the condition of your dog is seriously dire, you can take your time to think about this it.


You can talk about putting your dog to sleep with your friends, family and discuss the details provided by the vet.  It will also be the time to decide what you want to do with the corpse of your dog once he has been euthanized; whether you want to cremate it or burry the body.


How Is A Dog Put to Sleep?

Putting a dog to sleep usually involves two stages. Firstly, the vet will introduce an anesthetic to the blood supply of the dog. This will deactivate the mind and reflex is of the animal. After that, the second stage involves injecting powerful drug that seizes the heartbeat and the breathing process.


The anesthetic drug can be introduced into the veins or in the muscles. By using the anesthetic, it numbs the senses of the dog. So there when the 2nd stage is commenced, the dog does not suffer. It also reduces the time does it takes for a dog to pass over.


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