Aggression in Dogs: How to Calm & Stop Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

How to Calm Stop Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

The Ultimate Guide To Aggression in Dogs:

Maybe the causes of aggression in your dogs can be frustration, fear and anxiety to names a few. Although it is very common and at the same time it is undesirable as well.

One main and important cause of aggression in your dog is you do not socialize your dog. It simply cause fear in the dog when he sees gathering around him.

A small puppy will definitely run back for his protection but a big or adult dog will attack for the sake of his protection and will show his aggression towards the things of what they’re being afraid of, as much he can do. Disciplining your puppy from early days is always recommended.

You can do a lot in order to deal with their aggressive behavior . You have to keep calm and patience for his recovery or perhaps for his training. Let’s dig more deeper in this topic.


You Will Get To Learn:

Signs of Aggression in Dogs:

Firstly you need to understand the signs. There are many signs which can be very normal but if you look at those signs very deeply you will find out that your dog is doing some habits which are not the part of his daily routine. So keep a strong eye on them:


There are three main signs of aggression in dogs and that are as following:

Growling, nipping and barking.



When your dog is growling it means he is in very bad mood and near to bite you. Perhaps he is not in the mood that you touch him or someone else. Either he does not want anybody touched his toys or foods. If He starts growling go away from him.



Sometime when his aggression is at peak he doesn’t growl but suddenly attack, it is what we call nipping. In this situations, dogs suddenly attack and may bite you. You are required to protect yourself when you see this type of condition. Dog bite infection is not good for you, you need a safer side.



When your dog is barking without any reason that means he is in off mood and right now he’s too much aggressive. In this situation try to understand what are the causes making him aggressive right and avoid to not give him another chance, also try to avoid to make eye contact.

These were the signs of aggression which you should have to known.


How to Know When your Dog is Going to Attack:

Most of the time dogs do not attack suddenly, they give some signs before attacking. Like standing of their tail, when he perked up his ears, his body posture. Through this gesture, you have to understand the aggression in his mood.


His Standing Tail:

Standing tail can present any type of emotions feelings and fears and anger. When you see your dog is standing his tail up and making it straight that is clear sign that he is in anger bird and warning you.


Perked up his Ears:

When a dog stands apart from his legs and perked up his situation then it is very clear that he is observing the situation. And watching very carefully what is happening around him. This means he is about to bite or going to attack you.


 His Posture:

You can also judge by his standing posture. When he is standing in the very rigid mood then you can make judgements that he is aggressive and can attack at any time.


How to Handle a Dog Attack?

If you are sitting in a park or going somewhere on your bike and suddenly a dog attacks you then what you have to do?

There only two ways to tackle with this type of situation. One is wrong way and second is the right one. Keep calm when you are facing this type of situation. There are some following tips which can be most helpful for you to tackle this type of situation and these are thus:


Firstly Don`t Get Panic:

First and most important is don’t get panic. Because your this habit will make him more confident in his attack and he will definitely make an attack upon you. So in this type of condition keep calm and don’t get panic.


Ignore the Dog:

When you saw any type of aggressive dog and feel he is near to attack you then the one best way is to stand before him like a tree. Don`t wave your hands in front of him. Especially don`t make any type of eye contact with him. Like this dog will run away.


Divert his Attention with Other Things:

You can also divert the attention of dog with any other things. Like you can give him anything which he can chew like boxing pack, water bag, any toy and many other this types of things. Like this, he can make his aggression a bit less.


Do Not Run:

Do not try to run when the dog is in aggression. Like this, you are making him more conscious to chase you and attack you.  The best way is to remain constant.


Move Slowly From That Area in You Defend:

When you see now the dog is not interested in you anymore then move slowly from there. You should be careful in this situation. In actual it`s your real test how you manage out with this critical situation. Best is the move when you are out of the reach of the dog.


In Case of Attack Cover Your Head, Chest, and Face:

In case of attack cover your main parts of the body like face head and chest. You can roll yourself like a ball and save yourself. An aggressive dog can bite you very much worse so need to save these basic parts of the body.


Dealing with Other Issues:

You can stop the aggressive behavior of your dog with following tips.


Keep a Strong Rob in His Neck:

You have to keep a strong rob into his neck so that you can handle him in his angriness. It is very necessary to control him with strong rob because he might make attacks on other dogs and people. Just be prepared for the consequences.


Teach a Dog that he Does Not Have to Protect his Food:

You should teach your dog that there is no need to guard his food. This thing also becomes the cause of aggression in dogs. So that`s why you should avoid it.


The Aggression of Dog on Dog for a Household:

The aggression of dog on dog is quite very much common. As we know it is not possible that all dogs live together. Many families keep more than one dog. And they are completely different from each other and fight on very little things. One main cause of aggression is for the household.

As we can see even all human beings cannot live together on one floor so this thing is same with dogs. Means they can`t bear the presence of another dog. And due to this thing stress occurs.


How to Manage the Stress of Dog:

When you see that the stress is made due to the presence of another dog then you need to take some steps to beware them from fighting. Firstly you have to keep them in separate places. It means you need to provide them a separate space, room or place. Separate food and all other activities which they made.  Like this aggression can get lesser in your dog.


Give Your Dog a Fine Type of Massage:

You need to give your dog a fine massage in his aggressive mood. Remember one thing dogs are not different from us if you give him a massage then differently it will soothe him and he will calm. So try to give him a massage or touch him to show your love to him.


Ignore that Situation which Creates Aggression:

This is a very good thing you can control his aggression by avoiding those things which are the cause of aggression. Like if aggression occurs on the toys you might take it far away from him if aggression occurs on strangers you can make a limit for your dog. So that these things might be avoided.


You Have to Keep Patience:

If aggression comes once then don`t get hurry to get rid of it. It will take some time. So you should be positive and consistent. If you punish your dog for his aggression it will make him more rigid. So you must keep some patience for the sake of your dog.


Wrapping up – Made a Complete Checkup:

Now, you should consult with a vet. And discuss all the matter. On the other hand, you really need to take your dog to a veterinary hospital for a check-up.

You can also call a professional person for your dog. Because aggression is a serious problem only the owner of the dog cannot handle it alone. It`s time to call a professional who can train your dog and can help him to get rid of it.


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