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How to get rid of Fleas on Dogs

Fleas are very little insects which make home in the hairs of dogs and any other animal including humans.

Once they are infested in to the human body they start to cause different types of problems such as hair loss, itching and irritations of different types.So it is very important to follow this guide on how to get rid of fleas in dogs and make your dog comfortable and flea free.


How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs?

Flea treatment carries from dog to dog on the basis of age, because some treatments will work on puppies and some on an adult dog. So I will mention all the methods in this guide on how to get rid of fleas on dogs.


Flea treatment for puppies less than 6 weeks

Numerous individuals pose this question thus frequently they are given the wrong guidance. Individuals will regularly suggest bug powders, bug flushes, insect collars, crucial oils and different chemicals that are excessively perilous to use on puppies under 6 weeks old. It is not a safe thing to put chemicals on puppies of under six weeks of age.

Bugs themselves can likewise be extremely hazardous to youthful puppies and can even result in a puppy passing on from paleness so you do need to execute these insects. In the event that the puppy is with its mom and nursing it is more than likely that the mother pooch has a bug infestation so first you have to treat the mother canine. On the off chance that there are different felines or mutts in the family you have to treat all pets furthermore your home.

The most secure approach to treat a puppy under 6 weeks of age for bugs is to bathe him utilizing warm water and dish washing cleanser and after that to physically pick off residual insects. Dish washing cleanser is exceptionally viable and it kills insects rapidly.


How to bathe your less than 6 week puppy?

Fill your sink or tub with warm water. (Test the temperature as though you were giving a child a shower). Utilizing the kitchen sink is regularly most effortless as you don’t need to twist down and you are more in control. Inundate the puppy up to his neck and guarantee that he is soaked.

Wet his face and head with a face washer. At that point lift him out and put him on a towel. Delicately knead in the cleanser. Knead the cleanser everywhere on his body and around his neck, ears, and face, head and under his button, being exceptionally cautious not to get cleanser in his eyes. The insects are not senseless and will set out toward the high dry ground of the head range.

At that point set him back in the water for a flush. On the off chance that he is not battling and battling a lot of attempt to keep his body submerged (with his head over the water obviously) for a couple of minutes.

In the event that he is troubled complete the employment over and as fast as could reasonably be expected. Having two individuals play out the operation is regularly less demanding. One to hold the puppy and one to back rub and wash the puppy. At the point when completed wrap him up in a wet towel and dry him dry. Attempt to do this in a warm environment and don’t give him a chance to get chilly.

Now you have bathed the dog, try to use a flea removal brush or comb. Flea brushes are exceptionally economical and more often than not exactly viable in getting bugs that still stay on the puppy after his shower.

While the puppy is still soggy look around his body with a bug brush or pick off the staying live bugs with you finger and thumb nails while they are attempting to get past the sodden hair. Have some bubbling water prepared to drop the insects into as you catch them. Bubbling water is best as I’ve seen bugs hop out of frosty water.

A tip from one of our peruses recommends. After you have removed the bug from the dog, you put two or three drops of dish cleanser in some water and drop the bug in, it sinks to the base and passes on unfailingly. Brushing a dog might be less demanding on a short-hair puppy than a longhair one.


Treating an adult dog for fleas:

  1. Pick a bug cleanser precisely. Anything with routine bug sprays (pyrethrums, permethrin, d-limonene, chlorpyrifos, or carbonyl) may chafe or mischief your pet and the general population around it. Rather, attempt common bug sprays or bug aggravations. They shouldn’t hurt your pet yet will be powerful awful for bugs. Try to check with your vet to start with, however. Here’s a rundown of bug sprays or aggravations you could consider:
  • Rosemary oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Citrus oil
  • Cedar oil (dangerous to felines)
  • Tea tree oil (dangerous to cats) It can lethal to mutts if ingested, not worth the danger!!
  1. Wash the neck first. Thusly, bugs don’t bounce up to the head amid the shower. At the point when bugs sense water, they instantly look for spread in dry, hard-to-achieve places on your pet. So it’s a smart thought to at any rate wet, if not perfect, the rectum, ears, eye depression, and neck before getting the whole body wet. For additional security, keep washed up your pet for up to 15 minutes. 5 minutes is the base time expected to start killing off the bugs, yet 15 minutes is the sure thing. Wash your pet under warm/tepid water for a few minutes, trying to purify the cleanser from its skin and drench the staying potential concealing spots for insects.


Treating the puppy’s mom for bugs

It wouldn’t bode well to dispose of the bugs on a puppy then set him back with his mom who is invaded with insects so you ought to first treat the mother pooch. You ought to treat her with a top spot bug treatment, for example, Advantage, Frontline or Revolution.


Final Thoughts:

I am happy to cover this topic of How to get rid of Fleas on Dogs? I hope I covered it well. If you have any question, you can contact me as well as comment. If You found it useful piece of content then do not forget to share with others friends so they can get to know help their loyal pets


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