How to Remove Ticks from Dogs and Cats? – Ultimate Tick Removal Technique

How to Remove Ticks from Dogs and Cats

Ticks on pets can be very painful for them.It is essential and important to remove them as soon as possible. Pets are a very good distraction and entertainment in anyone’s life. Many people get emotionally attached to their pets and prefer them instead of human friends and socializing.

But these pets could also be very much dangerous if they get any disease you could also get affected by. Such a common thing is tick. Tick could be extremely dangerous for the pets as they transmit deadly viruses to the pet once they bite them. So if your dog got ticks see this guide on how to remove tick from dog.


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Things Needed Before Starting:

  1. Gloves
  2. Latex
  3. Pickers
  4. Wipes
  5. A jar to place ticks in

Also make sure to use some good shampoo and give proper bath to your dog so the coat or skin become soft and by using shampoo you can kills the ticks and in this way, your pooch will not have to bear the pain while removing tick as they stick hard with them.


How to Remove Ticks From Dog – Step by Step


Step 1:

First of all, put on your gloves because the last thing you want is the ticks by your body. Ticks also carry deadly infections and they can easily sweep in the human blood through pores in the body, so its better to be safe.


Step 2:

Second thing you have to do is relax your pet as much as you can. Because you don’t want unnecessary disturbance and poking from the pet while removing the ticks. The best method is to ask any other person available at the moment to hold and keep your dog steady.


Step 3:

Now is the turn to pick up the picker we mentioned in the list. Take the picker into your hands and hold it very close to your dog’s skin, and make sure you don’t hurt the dog as it may become restless once it’s pinched.


Step 4:

Now apply equal pressure on the dog’s body and search for the tick, once you have found it pull it out by keeping balanced pressure on the picker in a straight motion. Do not move your hand in any direction and keep you hands steady because if you jerk your hands, the mouth of the tick will be left in the skin. Don’t crust the tick after removing it as the liquid fluids of its body contain infections. After you had removed the tick, make sure to check the area for any leftovers. Now repeating the same process, remove all the ticks present in the body of dog and move on to the next step.


Step 5:

Now open up the jar or a lid which we mentioned earlier.  Place all the removed ticks in the jar, the jar must contain some kind of acid or rubbing alcohol. And throw the jar away as ticks still may contain a lot of viruses and diseases even after the job is done and they are killed.


Step 6:

Now take a antiseptic solution or spray or you could also use wipes for the purpose, and clean the places where the tick has bitten the dog. If after cleaning the bite becomes red hot, then you have to contact your veterinarian ASAP.


Final Cut

We hope you like our guide on how to remove tick from cat and dog. Now after all the process is done, and your pet is safe from ticks, after thanking us also reward your dog for cooperating with you.


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