How to Shave Your Dog’s Fur with Shaving Clipper Professionally?

How to Shave Your Dog

Shaving your dog especially the one with thick, long or matted hair is the part of the daily grooming routine.

But, you should avoid shaving a dog needlessly because various reasons listed below.

Shaving is one of the very few activities that dogs hate being involved in.

Neither does it suite to many of the dog’s skins, as per the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) proclamation, no dog owner should shave their dog.


Things You Need to Know before Shaving Dogs for Summer!

Following are the things that you should know and care about before starting the process. Read them carefully and then get started if it suitable to do so.


Dog Going Through Heat Threat?

It is a common misunderstanding among the dog parents that the long hair makes the summer heat unbearable for the furry friends. That’s not entirely true in its sense, as according to a study by ASPCA, dog’s fur act as insulation.

“A dog’s coat is kind of like insulation for your house,” explains Dr. Louise Murray, Vice President of the ASPCA Animal Hospital.

“Insulation stops your home from getting too cold in winter, but it also keeps it from overheating in summer—and your dog’s coat does the same thing.”

They rather protect it from the scorching sun and cool it down for the canine’s skin.

Remember, direct exposure to the sun with bare skin might cause your dog sunburn, in rare cases might also cause skin cancer. You can read about heat wave – should you shave your dog or not.

However, some dog breeds are cut out for the extremely cold climate.

Their thick coat of hair might be too thick for hot summers. Concern your wet about it if the dog needs to get shaved or trimmed for the heat. Even if you require doing it, do it very gently and carefully. Do not overdo shaving.


Shaving a Dog with a Double Coat

Not all, but many dog breeds including, German Shepherd, Pomeranian, Samoyed, Husky, Chow and Malamute have the double layer.

It is an undercoat of fine and soft hair. So, if you are shaving your dog at home, avoid over shaving it. Especially, avoid shaving the double coat of your dog. Because the hair in the undercoat does not regenerate when the dogs from these breeds get old.


Think about Moisture

If your dog needs to get shaved, the reason should probably be the rain, not the sun. When exposed to excessively to the moisture, dogs, especially with long, thick hair, develop Myiasis, a condition when maggots invade into the fur.

In given situation, ask your vet if your dog needs to get a shave. It is highly recommended to involve a professional into the act.


Professional Dog Grooming

Professional dog grooming may cost between $30 to $ 90. It does not only include hair trimming but nails clipping and other hygienic functions.

Seems to be costly right? But, citing the injury risk for the dog in home shaving, you better ask a professional help, because, in the case of damage, a vet will cost way more than a professional dog groomer.

Moreover, many dogs can do – and like to stay without trim. In this case, a No Shave is better than a Shave it Yourself.

If you still feel you can do dog shave at home, Follow The Given Instructions


INSTRUCTIONS for Shaving Dogs:

How to Shave Your Dog with Shaving Clipper


Get the Required Equipment

For home-based dog shave, you require a clipper with the comb that attaches to it, a brush and some lubricant. Dog Clippers are easily available on pet shops and grooming stores.

Most dogs do not like loud noises, so it is better to pretest the equipment at the pet store.

While clipping, leave at least one inch of hair on the body to save the pooch’s skin from the sun. An E Comb is specifically designed for this function.


Wash Your Dog before Shave

If not shaved or brushed for long, dogs usually have clumps in its hair, which makes it harder for you to run a clipper through. If pulled by force, the process can be very painful for the dog, enough reason for him to avoid shaving next time. Wash your dog and then brush his hair to get them tangle-free and get the dog ready for shaving.


Keep the Clippers Cool

While used continuously, Clippers easily get overheat and burn your dog’s skin. Take regular breaks to cool it down whenever you feel the clipper is getting hot. Lubrication of clipper may also help to prevent overheat.


Step By Step Guide for How to Shaving a Dog:


1 – Hold Your Dog by Collar

A moving puppy is highly likely to get an injury during the shave. To avoid this from happening, tie your dog by the collar. If that does not help, get another person gripping the dog.


2 – Shave With the Growth

Do not shave against the growth of hair; this can create harsh lines on the skin. Shave with the hair growth. If you find it difficult to figure out, rub a credit card along the hair.

If it begins pulling the hair backwards, you are pushing against the grain of the hair. Shave in the opposite direction.


3- Begin with Sensitive Parts

As we mentioned earlier, dogs do not enjoy shaving, so with the time passing, it might grow impatient. Therefore, it is better to get the sensitive areas trimmed first and then move to easier ones.

Start With: Underarms, under-tail, head, behind the head, back, sides, belly.


4- Shave the Head

Shave the head first, be very careful and gentle with the eyes. Use no. 10 blade (comb) to cut around the eyes.


5- Shave Underarms

It is the best time to shave underarms of your dog as long as he is standing. Lift the right arm and gently run the clipper through. While, holding it tight, repeat with the other arm.


6- Shave Groin and Bottom

Lift the dog’s right leg with one hand and shave under the leg with the other.  Repeat with the left leg. Now lift the tail and shave around the bottom. This keeps it clean when the dog goes to the potty.


7- Shave Rest of the Body

Shave behind the head. Now, start from the neck and go down the back and the either sides. Now shave the belly


Wrapping up!

So, you got all that your need to know about how to shave a dog with shaving clipper. If you’re satisfy with this article and like it. then let me know through comments, how’s it? and if you have further questions or suggestions then I am here to read and reply in comments section. Feel free to say anything and if you’re really kike it then don’t forget to share this guide on grooming your dog by shaving your dogs with shaving clipper. Thank You!


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