How to Teach Your Dog to Attack on Command? – Train Dog in 11 Steps!

How to teach your dog to attack

Well, You may wonder that this is not a good thing to teach to your dog but trust me in the case of utmost emergencies you will thank me for writing this guide on how to teach your dog to attack.

So they first and utmost thing you should do before applying this guide is to check that whether your dog is a guard type or attack type. There is a difference in between them, so check out the differences let me run you through the first few steps of how to teach your dog to attack and train your puppies as well.


How to Recognize Between Guarding & Assault Dog?

Perceive the contrast between a guarding type canine and an assault puppy. A guarding canine is prepared to alert its proprietor of the nearness of an outsider or interloper through yelping or snarling. Guarding canines are not regularly prepared to assault on charge or to act excessively forceful towards an outsider. Along these lines, protect puppies for the most part don’t make great assault mutts.

Assault canines are frequently utilized by police and law implementation. They are prepared to assault on charge and react forcefully to potential dangers or interlopers. Most assault canines are all around prepared and won’t act in a forceful way unless they are instructed to by their proprietor. Assault pooches that are not very much prepared, in any case, can assault all of a sudden and represent a genuine risk to people and different creatures.  The normal proprietor is unrealistic to require an assault canine.

Figure out whether your puppy’s breed is guarding  breed. In spite of the fact that most puppies can be prepared to be gatekeeper mutts, certain puppy breeds are known not great watchman canines. For instance, littler breeds, for example, Chow Chows, pugs, and Shar Pei’s have been known not great gatekeeper dogs. Larger breeds, for example, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherd, and Akita likewise make astounding watchman canines.

Certain breeds, for example, German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers, can be prepared to be watchman pooches and in addition assault canines.  In the event that you have a thoroughbred puppy that is not an average gatekeeper canine breed, or in the event that you have a mutt, it is still workable for you to prepare him to be a magnificent watchman pooch. On the off chance that he has the behavioral attributes of a gatekeeper puppy and is appropriately prepared and mingled, then you could prepare him to watch and secure you.


How to Teach Your Dog to Attack?

A step by step guide. Follow each step carefully and with more being focused to it, after implementation you will find a success in your training.


Step 1

Wear a defensive glove that spreads through your hand, as well as your whole arm. This is an essential well being safety measure to avert harm.


Step 2

Sit your pooch down. On the off chance that you have not showed it basic charges like come, sit, stop, run, and stand, then you should instruct those first before educating the “assault” summon.



In the wake of sitting the puppy down, tap it in the face with the glove on your arm. This is a method for bothering the pooch and becoming excessively annoying. Keep doing this until your canine assaults the glove in indignation. (Do you now comprehend why you should wear an arm-long glove?)


Step 4

When the puppy assaults the glove, say “assault” noisily. You are doing this since you need to make your pooch comprehend what “assault” truly implies.


Step 5

Acclaim the puppy verbally or demonstrate to it that you are satisfied. In spite of the fact that it may not be fundamental, remunerate your pooch by giving it a few treats or different treats. In any case, if your canine is frequently persuaded by sustenance and adapts speedier with treats, then you should offer it a few.

Rehash steps 3 – 5: until you are certain your canine has comprehended what “assault” implies. You will know this if your pooch reacts rapidly to the “assault” order by assaulting your gloved arm promptly it hears the charge.


Step 6

Stand at a short separation far from your puppy, and give the “assault” summon. Perceive how it reacts. On the off chance that it doesn’t, then rehash steps 3 – 5 many times over. Be that as it may, on the off chance that it assaults, this demonstrates it’s acquainted with the charge


Step 7

Enjoy a reprieve to remunerate the puppy at the end of the day for comprehension your charge.

Rehash steps 6 and 7 for five to seven more times. This is to guarantee that your canine has truly aced the order.


Step 8

Presently, it’s an ideal opportunity to demonstrate to the pooch industry standards to assault an interloper (or something bad might happen, each time you say “assault”, it will pursue your arm). Get a major doll or make a personification human and spot it at a separation. At that point towards the “fake” gatecrasher and yell “assault”. In spite of the fact that your canine may endeavor coming towards you at initially, it will go in the pointed bearing once it sees your finger.


Step 9

Reward your canine with treats or in some other way.

Rehash step 9, setting your fake interloper at different focuses and indicating at it every time you summon your pooch. Rehash this until you are persuaded that your pooch has aced the order and would no more come after your arm.


Step 10

Inspire somebody to act like an interloper (use somebody whose face is not natural to the canine). Advise the individual to remain by the entryway hypnotize and inspire prepared to close the entryway on the off chance that the puppy disregards the “stop” summon.


Step 11

Point towards the “interloper” and order your canine to assault. In the event that it runs towards the interloper, then it has gotten your message.

Rehash step 11, yet while the puppy is going for the interloper, yell “stop” to check whether it will comply. In the event that you’ve acquainted it with the “stop” summon, it ought to stop instantly. This progression is extremely fundamental since it instructs your puppy that occasionally you might need to prevent if from assaulting a gatecrasher after at first giving the summon.



As a last note, I trust that with these means, you would effectively change your pooch from a simple pet into a caring gatekeeper canine that assaults just when you need it to. Try it and let me know later the result. If you like the trick and guide on how to teach your dog to attack, then don’t forget to share with your circle.

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