How to Teach your Dog to Heel? – You really need to Know!

How to Teach your Dog to Heel

Why Teaching My Dog or a Puppy to Heel is Important?

Having a new pet is really an exciting part, and if it turns out to be a dog – that adds colors to the life. I always tried hard to make it easy for you to train your dog or puppy properly through this blog.

But, things might go a little dicey when your dog begins to lead you during a walk instead of taking your commands.
Going out for a walk with your untrained dog can leave you into a seriously comical situation, when you and the people around you began to get a feel that your dog has taken you out for a walk instead.

If you too are experiencing similar trouble, then you have come to the right place. No need to worry, because dogs are not born to follow your feet. In order to get them do so, you need to teach them this, by using simple and easy steps given below.


Training Your Dog to Heel’ means training the dog to walk by your side.


There are different short and long effective methods to train your dog to walk alongside you, but, one which I found really easy, cost-saving and sure-working method was —Lure and Reward.

To apply this, make sure your pet has begun to recognize its name and “COME” commands. This allows you to fully train your pup to “Heel and Sit”. The biggest key to long term success with this skill is being consistent.


 How to Teach Dog His Own Name

Before you get into teach the pet about heeling, you must teach him recognize his name, and that starts with EYE CONTACT.

Teaching your dog the ‘eye-contact’ is very essential part of the training, because, if your dog is not looking at you or I should rephrase it as ‘staring at you’ on your call, he’s not thinking of you, something ‘more important is on his mind’ and thus, he will not take your commands.

So, to teach your pet follow your commands, it is necessary that he learns to make an EYE CONTACT with you.

How to Establish Eye Contact with Your Dog

Keep your dog in front of you, have food treats for pooch in your hand – and call his name i.e.: “Petty look” to look at you. Have treats in your hand and the dog will look up for the delicious TREAT.

  • Let him swallow this down, and look for more, this time, the pet will make an eye contact for himself. Give him the treat and praise him for the act.
  • Wait for few seconds, call the name, and reward him with a Treat every time the dog makes an eye contact.
  • The technique will not only improve dog’s skills to make Eye Contact, but will also teach him to learn his
  • Repeat the technique until the pet learns to look at your face every time he hears his name.

NOTE: Don’t reward your pup on fowls. Give him a treat only when he is looking at something else, and then looks back at you on hearing your call.

Try this indoors first, and after a successful start, try it outdoor. Remember patience is the key to success!

Once your dog has learn to make an eye contact and has begun to recognize his name, this is the time to take the next step – Teaching him to Heel.

By following these easy steps, you can get your dog under your leadership and to follow you commands to HEEL during the day out.


Easy Tips for Training Your Pet to Heel


Choose whether you want your dog to walk on you left or the right side. Once decided, stick to the plan for the future and perform all the drills keeping him in the same position.



You need to choose a calm, non-distracting environment, such as a living room, basement or a fenced backyard.



Gets your dog’s attention by either calling its name, using jinglers or the noise-making. That shouldn’t be too difficult for you as the dog is already trained for making eye contact and reacting to his name.



Start the HEELING lesson of your pet by making him follow you in a straight line for few steps. This can easily be done by taking a piece of FOOD that you dog likes, and make him follow the food behind you.

  • Hold the piece of food into you left or the right hand (according to the position you decided) and let your pet follow the food in your hand.
  • In the beginning, take small strides, and let the dog have a piece each time it successfully follow your stride.
  • You can lengthen your walk, and take fewer steps, grant him an extra piece so to lure him to follow the second step.
  • Repeat the exercise and keep adding one or two steps to your walk to make your pup habitual of that.



 Your goal is to make the pet realize that walking beside will bring rewards.

Repeat the exercise until your dog begins to respond.

  • Prepare delicious, healthy food to reward him.
  • Call its name and tape your side, and say “HEEL” aloud – and begin to walk.
  • Keep the food in hand as a LURE. If the dog walk ahead of you, take an immediate 360 degree turn, call its name aloud and say “HEEL.” Start walking in the opposite direction.
  • Your pup will be surprised and will comeback to concentration.
  • Repeat, until your dog responds well.



Once you have completed the first five steps, try to transact the pup from treat to praise smoothly.

  • Now, praise your pet at every success and give him the food only fewer times.
  • Make your dog comply your commands automatically. Take a long walk – stop, turn back – and begin to walk with “HEEL” call to make him follow you in the opposite direction. Bring variety to your actions to make sure dog’s concentration strengthens.



Once your dog is trained to heel, it’s now time to teach your dog to sit on command. That’s as even easier and quicker than the first technique.

  • Since your pet has learnt to follow commands and has started walks with you, now begin its training to heel and sit.
  • You can do this by slowing down your steps during the walk to send him an alert.
  • Now, stop and command “SIT.” Pull the leash if you feel necessary
  • If he fails to sit, use a corrective pull. Praise him when he eventually sits.
  • Repeat the technique unless your pet compliance and using the “sit” command is not required anymore.

Wrapping up with last words:

By following these steps, you will master the art of teaching your dog to make eye contact, to react to his name call, to Heel and to sit on command. If you are still facing problems, we are open to help you round the clock, write us your problem .

“Your questions, experiences and precious suggestions are warmly welcome, feel to Share with your Friends and comment down your words”


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