How to Teach your Dog to Shake Hands & Paws – Training Trick

how to teach your dog to shake

Teaching your dogs to train them always easy to do so only if you do it well. Use politeness attitude and treating them with low voice with right guide work like a charm. Training them is really important to have more fun with your loving buddy.

There are some tips on how to be good dog trainer, you should adopt them as well and become the best trainer, as many of us can’t afford the cost to pay to the trainers. Also trying by yourself allow you to spend some precious time with your pooch, which surely increase engagement and love between you, so I feel that everyone should spare some of his time and do it. Whereas I am  here to provide good stuff, you don’t need to go anywhere.


How to teach your dogs to shake hands and paws?

  1. Show your dog some treats to give a head start. Choose a few treats for your puppy. You should remunerate your canine when he shakes. Purchase some of your pooches most loved treats and have them helpful when you are showing him to shake. Have a go at making your own treats. These could be little bits of cooked meat or even a few products of the soil. Don’t over food your canine. Keep regard sizes as little as possible. Try not to sustain your pooch the accompanying nourishment things, as they can bring about harming or disease.
  1. Make your dog sit down. Have your puppy take a seat. The main way a pooch can shake hands is whether he is sitting. Grasp a treat. Squeeze the treat in your grasp between your thumb and palm. Keep your hand open, to give the puppy a chance to see and notice the treat. Hold the treat inside one inch of your canine’s nose. Permitting him to notice the treat will stand out enough to be noticed. Bring the treat up, over his head. Do this gradually to keep your pet concentrate on the treat. As he raises his head up to take after the treat, he ought to take a seat. To take a gander at the treat, which ought to now be specifically over his head, he will need to take a seat with a specific end goal to keep his eyes on it. Try not to remunerate the puppy with the treat here, as you are showing him how to shake, not sit. This step is very much important in this guide on how to teach your dog to shake.
  1. This step in this guide could also be used on how to teach your dog to shake his paw. Sit tight for your canine to paw at your hand. Once your canine acknowledges you have a treat in your shut hand, he will attempt to get it from you. Right now is an ideal opportunity to tell him which conduct opens the treat. Sit tight for him to paw at your hand and afterward let him have the treat. Try not to issue any summons yet, let your canine make sense of what conduct chips away at his own particular for the time being. Overlook some other endeavors your canine may make, for example, sniffing or mouthing your hand. Rehash this technique four or five times, over a time of five to ten minutes.
  1. Take your canines paw in your grasp. Utilize this extra stride just on the off chance that you canine don’t appear to paw at the treat in your grasp. By getting your pooches paw and lauding him amid and after, you begin to demonstrate your canine that pawing at your hand is rewarded. Hold the paw for a few moments before remunerating. Be tender and move gradually.
  1. Now is the time you start giving awards for the effort.Begin expelling treats. In the end you should quit issuing treats for the conduct. Do this step by step by offering treats just every other time he plays out the “shake” order. Substitute acclaim or different prizes, for example, a walk or play time, set up of treats. Continue rehearsing until you are sure he will “shake” without a treat. You can have a go at offering a vacant hand, with no treat, when first beginning this progression.
  1. More it more challenging for the dog step by step.Make it all the more difficult. When you feel that you puppy has aced the “shake” charge, take a stab at presenting challenges for it. Sit tight for a circumstance that for the most part irritates your canine, for example, a visit to a bustling spot or somebody going to the entryway, and issue the charge. The more circumstances you hone in, the better your puppy will have the capacity to play out this order.
  1. Now if you have tried it with one hand, start trying with the other one.Take a stab at shaking with the other hand. Take after the same request of preparing as you did with the direct. The principle contrast will be that you hold the treat in your inverse hand and just reward when your puppy shakes with the fancied paw. Take a stab at utilizing an alternate summon word. In the event that you utilized “Shake”, take a stab at utilizing “Paw” for the inverse hand.

More Hints and Tips on How to teach or train your dogs to shake:

  • Practice for 5-10 minutes consistently, anymore and you will both get drained and baffled.
  • Continuously end on a positive note, on the off chance that you are getting disappointed and your puppy isn’t ‘getting it’, do a reversal to a trap he does know and reward him for that.
  • Keep away from treats that should be bitten for long stretches, or you will invest a large portion of your energy watching him eat.
  • If you got a puppy, I strongly suggest you to start teaching him how to shake hands, paw or head because as you can see and relate that when children are in early ages they tend to learn things more quickly than at an adult age. So start teaching your puppy now and you will thank me later. I hope you really liked this guide on how to teach your dog to shake.


Now you just learned the trick and now you’re ready to practice this guide step by step. I hope it will go good. Must share your experience with us in comments section, so we could decide whether we need some improvement in our guide or it is fine. We’ll also keep updating this guide as we get to learn somethings new.


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