How to Teach your Dogs and Puppies to Stay on Command?

how to teach your dog to stay

Learning to stay is one of the most basic commands that all dogs should know. It is useful in many situations, like if you have company and don’t want your dog jumping all over your guests, or are carrying something heavy and need your dog out of the way. It can take some time, but with persistence and work, you can easily teach your dog to stay.

It seems to be a very simple act to you, but trust me it is not much easier to teach when it comes to your dog or a new puppy.

In start many dogs may consider to stay for only a half second but you can increase it to one then two then up to many seconds.  If your dog does not like long stays trust me you don’t want to force it because it may result in a disobedient dog.

Now let’s start this guide on how to teach your dog to stay.


How to Teach or Train Your Dog to Stay?

  1. Begin in a spot that is well known to your dog, with no enticing diversions around. Keep your dog concentrated on you by standing directly before it, giving it your full consideration, and looking at it without flinching. With a dog treat in your grasp, request that your puppy sit or rests.
  2. In the event that your canine holds the position for a moment or two, appreciate it and give it a treat.
  3. Rehash the procedure, this time making your puppy hold the position for a few moments longer before you give her the treat.
  4. Once your puppy is reacting dependably, include the verbal sign. Request that your canine sit or rests, then advise her “stay,” holding your hand out with your palm toward her nose in the “stop” position. On the off chance that she holds the position for a brief moment or two, laud her and offer a treat. Rehash the grouping, bit by bit attaching on a second or so every opportunity to request a more drawn out sit tight. At this point you may be enjoying our guide on how to teach your dog to stay.


If These Command Don’t Work?

The minute your dog breaks the stay, say “SIT! Stay” or “DOWN! Stay,” contingent upon which position she was initially in. At that point attempt again for a shorter sit tight.

In the event that you’ve been rehearsing for some time and your canine knows the stay summon, you can make your voice sharp, similar to a censure, when she’s moving out of position.

In any case, don’t rebuff when you get up to speed with your pooch, she’s now broken the stay, and she’ll relate the discipline with what she was doing right now you rebuffed her–allowing you to discover her–not with breaking the sit tight.

That is not what you need. Once your canine has the hang of the “stay” summon, you can gradually make it additionally difficult. Stand a foot far from your pooch when you request that her stay, then two feet away, and continue expanding the separation.

Request that her stay when your back is turned; when there’s someone else or puppy out yonder, then genuinely near to, then right by your canine; when you’re skipping a ball; when there’s kibble scattered around her; etc. Include another test just if your canine is reacting dependably.

On the off chance that your pooch ever breaks a stay, take away a challenge–make the stay shorter, expel the diversions, or stand nearer to her–and attempt again.


More Advanced Techniques:

  1. Instruct your pooch to stay while resting. There might be circumstances when you need your puppy to rests and stay where he is. For instance, on the off chance that somebody who fears canines approaches your home, he or she might be more OK with your puppy resting.


  1. Build the time allotment your pooch sits tight. At the point when your pooch is alright with you being a decent separation away, begin expanding the measure of time you have him sit tight. Begin with a few moments, then step by step increment. Work your way up to a few minutes on the off chance that you can.


  1. Turn yourself back as you leave your canine. While your pooch figures out how to stay, you ought to stay confronting him. As he enhances, begin turning your back as you move far from him. The absence of facial contact or hand movements will be another test for your pooch. At this point you may be enjoying our guide on how to teach your dog to stay.


  1. Occupy your canine while he sits tight. When you utilize the stay charge, in actuality, it’s conceivable that something will tag along and occupy your pooch. You’ll need to show him to keep up his focus regardless of the fact that this happens. There are a few ways you can do this. Additionally don’t be hesitant to concoct your very own couple. Keep in mind, if your puppy gets up amid any diversions, begin once again.
  • Wave your other arm while your canine sits tight.
  • Begin hopping all over.
  • Skip a tennis ball as you walk in reverse.
  • Have somebody stroll by while your canine sits tight. At that point have them walk or keep running by.
  • Have somebody bring another canine passed your pooch.


  1. Leave sight. At the point when your puppy gets the hang of staying, you can attempt this propelled procedure. Have a go at turning a corner or venturing inside for a few moments, then return. At that point step by step work up and perceive to what extent your puppy will stay set up with you beyond anyone’s ability to see.


Final Cuts:

Now you have learned many techniques on how to teach your dog to stay. Then I suggest you should start to try our guide on teaching your dog , before it gets too late and your dog refuses to obey you because you have to train the dogs before a certain age.

If found it useful then share this guide on how to teach your dogs to stay with your friends to help them to know this too.

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