How to Train a German Shepherd Dog & Puppy?

how to train a german shephered dog puppy

German shepherds are strong dogs and they can be stubborn and show dominance over their owners if they are not properly trained so the trainer or owner must teach the dog its limitations.

While training, you should not use the negative methods of training such as punishment, shouting or beating as this can make your dog even more stubborn. It is imperative that your dog figures out how to relate a command to a specific activity.

If the dog can comprehend this straightforward association, training the German shepherd will become easy.

Also, note that you should not teach the dog a lot of commands at the same time. Teaching many commands simultaneously can confuse the dog and this will make the things difficult. So, once the dog learns a trick, then start with another one. Here are some important tricks and tips on how to train a German shepherd.



How to Train a German Shepherd Dog & Puppy?


Teach Him to Sit:

Sit is a basic command and it can also be used to calm down the energized dog prior to the feeding time as well as to other crucial moments throughout the day. To prepare the German shepherd how to sit, follow these important tips:

  • First of all, you need to have some tasty treat in your one hand.
  • Stand in front of the dog, your faces must be towards each other.
  • Allow the dog to smell that treat, but don’t allow eating the treat yet.
  • As you drive your arm forward with a treat in one of your hands, say the command sit. The plan is to get the dog to look at treat so that its body normally takes the situated position.
  • Once the dog sits, show him praise patting on its head and give him the treat as a reward.

You should continue repeating this process until your dog is following commands without any errors. As you continue to promote with training, you can also replace the treats with the verbal praise accompanied with gently pat on its head.


To Shake Hands:

The Handshake is a common trick taught to dogs. It is simple to train the dog to do Handshake with you. For this, you have to hold paw of your dog and say word ‘handshake’. You need to emphasize on this word when you pick his paw and shake hands with him.

Don’t forget to give him praise and treat as a reward for the activity. After learning this trick, your dog will automatically raise his paw to you whenever you say the word ‘handshake’.


Not to Bite You:

Playing with your dog is natural and it requires no special training. These are moments when you’re sitting on the floor or the couch, and your dog bounces on you and tries to nibble on your toes, fingers and your clothes. While your dog is playing with you, it is essential that you set limits. Follow these steps to teach the German shepherd not to bite you.

  • When you play with your dog have a ton of fun and enjoy yourself. It is a great way to bond your dog and it is an association that will last his whole lifetime
  • Once the dog begins to bite and nibble, you need to make a high pitch, speedy shout and pull your feet, hand, garments, or legs whatever part of you that your dog just piece down on.
  • Stop playing with your dog for a moment.
  • Go back to play with your dog. If the same situation happens again, repeat these steps.

You simply need to keep calm and in time your dog will realize precisely what pressure and strength is the ideal amount to use in the playing time. Soon, your dog will just gently nibble on you to play. Even if you want he absolutely does not nibble, you can simply proceed with this training until he never again nibbles or bites at all.


To Attack on Command:

While training the German shepherd to attack, it should to for the protection purpose and not to hurt or trouble anybody. German shepherds or any other dog breed isn’t vicious or aggressive. It is how they are trained and their experience with the person, that draws out aggression in the dog.

Make sure you teach your dog the commands like ‘stop’, ‘sit’, ‘heel’ thoroughly. These will be useful when you need to prevent your dog from attacking. Keep in mind, these are essential training commands.

When starting to train the dog to attack, begin with the on-leash training. You need to select a single word that will be used as a signal for the dog to start the attack. Additionally, have a single word for ‘stop’. At the point when you say the attack command, give slack to the rope. Pull the rope back as you give command of ‘stop’.

This will make the dog know when to attack and when to stop. Give a stick to bite train the German shepherd. You should teach him to attack the legs and arms of the intruder, to immobilize the offender.


Not to Chew on the Furniture

Biting on furniture and objects within the household is part of raising a German Shepherd dog. They generally display this conduct as a pup, particularly during the teething process. You can prepare your dog not to bite on furniture and other objects by following these steps.

  • First, you will need to buy a bitter spray from the pet store or online. You need to spray this on the items you want to protect from the dog’s sharp teeth.
  • Moving forward, you will need to watch out for your pup consistently. Once you notice him chewing on the things he shouldn’t, stroll over to him calmly and show him one of his toys. Urge him to chew on the toy rather than the furniture.
  • After that, reward him with the verbal praise and a pat on his head for great behavior.

You need to repeat these simple steps until your dog discovers that his toys are the only things that he should be chewing on.


Final words!

The German shepherds are extremely loving and obedient pet dogs. With a proper training, you will not only have a great pet but also a loyal companion. German shepherds are quick learners and good great guard dogs. In any case, as they are stubborn, it might take some time to influence them to tail you.

Anyway, as they are quick learners, you can train them to follow your commands. Make sure you don’t use aggression with your dog as it will make the things difficult for yourself.


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