Raw Food Diet for Dogs – Can This Diet Keep Your Dog Healthy?

Raw Food Diet for Dogs

This question has been on the mind of every dog owner at some point, when deciding a perfect diet for their fur buddy. Queries like, can we feed raw food to dogs? Is it healthy for dogs? Can we give them bones on their diet? And many more.

To put it simply, yes. Dogs can be fed raw diet, although we will need to define raw diet first. The kind of food dogs used to consume prior to their domestication days.

The commercial dog came into existence as a mean of convenience for the owners. However, this can badly affect the health of the dog sometimes. This is why raw food diet should also be considered for dogs.


Raw Food Diet for Dogs:

Before the dogs were domesticated, they used to live on raw food like their cousin canines still do. Prior to the, introduction of commercial dog food, they killed and lived off other animals, carcasses, etc. Food from all of these sources was consumed raw.

It is obvious that there was no cooking or processing involved. Also, depending on how often they were able to hunt or scavenge, dogs would make do with gorging. They did not have plenty of options to keep themselves fed like the dogs these days do.

Just like early humans, who were immune to majority of health problems related to food, the ancestors of modern-day canines did not have many ailments to deal with. The dogs these days have sensitive gastrointestinal systems, who cannot survive the way their forefathers did.

Over consumption of imbalance diet can have serious consequences, as seen in a number of dogs these days. Raw food diet has emerged as a healthier option to ensure that a dog gets the necessary nutrition from the food without catching any ailments.


Is Raw Food Diet Good for Dogs?

Some veterinary nutrition experts argue that dogs on raw whole food diet are usually healthier as compared to the dogs on processed commercial diet. This is because of the presence of beneficial minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients in their natural form.

The process of preserving and processing meat, vegetables, grains, vegetables, etc. takes most of this nutrition away from it.

According to a number of experts on diet and nutrition, human made food products can never come anywhere close to the levels of nutrients present in raw food, in its natural state. According to them, dogs who are being fed raw food diet have fewer chances of catching food related allergies as compared to dogs on commercial food.


Transition from Commercial to a Raw Food Diet:

Some dog owners want you switch the diet of their dog from commercial to raw food, but don’t know where and how to start. It is highly recommended to consult a vet to evaluate if your dog has the stomach for a raw food diet.

Vets can lay out a balanced diet plan that will help your dog easily make a transition from the previous diet without any adverse effects. If you decide to go on homemade diet, it is always an option but it can become difficult to maintain and manage our time.


Using Bones in Raw Food Diet for Dogs:

Bones can be an excellent source of natural calcium and other minerals, as compared to synthetic supplements. However, caution and few guidelines need to be followed in order to ensure the safety of your dog.

Raw bones are great sources of phosphorus, calcium, and other minerals. It is recommended to give them in ground up form instead of in their whole state. Then there are the meaty bones, that you can offer to your dog to chew on and not only do they have oral benefits but also provide a source of entertainment for your dog.

However, the size of the bone should be appropriate enough so that it doesn’t end up becoming a choking hazard.

Other than the previously mentioned benefits of bones in raw food diet for dogs, bones can also provide the dogs with necessary fiber. The bones given to the dogs for recreational purposes, help their teeth, and gums get stronger from chewing on them. Chewing releases healthy saliva which washes the teeth and keeps a normalized oral environment.


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