12 Reasons Explaining: Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats?


Reasons Explaining Why Dogs Are Better Than CatsWe have all been at the receiving end of this question, are you a cat person or dog person?

The answer is not simple, and the debate never ends. Some go with the cats, and others go with the dogs. There are ‘cat people’ and then there are ‘dog people.’

Now all kinds of pets are adorable, it can be debated endlessly but as far as the facts go, dogs make a lot better pets as compared to cats.

This article is meant to convince the naysayers and disbelievers who fail to recognize the great creatures that these dogs really are.

It will be a greatly satisfying read for the dog lovers and will serve as a revelation for the cat folks. If you are not persuaded by the end of this reading, then you sir, are a plain hater!


Reasons Explaining Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats:

Which is a better pet a dog or a cat


  • Dogs Are Lovers

No matter what kind of a day you had at work, you can always bet that your loving dog will be there for you, each and every single day when you get back home.

You can’t always Count On cats. It always depends on their random mood, one day they would shower you with love and the next day they would be eccentric. You will have to endure a lot of emotional abuse if you have a cat.


  • Dogs are Pure Joy.

When it comes to wearing a smile, the dogs do it every day. They always have a great mood, and it will rub on you as well. They are balls of joy, who are always glad when you come home, glad to play with you, take naps, go on walks, enjoy the treats, and always doing a great job. Their positive attitude is simply adorable. And when it comes to cats, they don’t believe in sharing the joy.


  • Dogs Understand

Suppose you had a bad day at work, or you are under the weather, guess who will be the first to pick on that. Your doggy, they don’t speak but they understand. They will flood you with extra cuddles and kisses until you start feeling better. They are great stress and anxiety relievers, and they know just the right tricks for that.

Dogs will try to do everything they can, once they realize that you are not feeling great. They will put on a show, dance for you, share their joy with you, and even fall asleep in your arms. They will also be there to lend you an ear, when you just want someone to listen, and agree to whatever you are saying.


  • Great Service Dogs

Dogs can be trained to perform a number of incredible services. We can have people with disabilities, like visually impaired and hearing-impaired folks who need help in navigation.

They also help people with mental illness like PTSD, seizures, diabetes, mobility impaired individuals, etc. On top of that, dogs serve in military and a number of LEAs, making them one of the few animals used in this capacity.


  • Dogs Love Playing

Playing with cats is fun but have you tried to play with a doggy? It is 10 times the fun. Dogs always down to play, whether it is outdoors in the yard or inside the house. Play date with your dog will always make your day. You will never hear a cat person say that they played catch the ball, Hide and Seek, etc. with their cat. Your dog you will always be game for playing whatever you want.


  • Diversification

Dogs come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors, you name it. There is a doggo for everyone, waiting to become their best friend.


  • Dogs Are Protectors

The cat protects the owner — how many times have you heard this story? None. Cats are not famous for being watchful or defensive of their human friends. Well, you can always count on a dog to be protective of the owner, regardless of the breed or size. There are some breeds of specially trained dogs to perform guard duties.


  • Dogs Are Life Savers

Can you recall a story of a cat saving a human’s life? Never, because cats are the first one to jump out of the window when something goes wrong. While there are endless stories of dogs saving lives of their human best friends.


  • Dogs Can Give You a Good Workout

As the doggies love being out in the park, playing with them will get your jog on too. You can accompany them on long walks and runs and they also make great exercise partners. That is a great health benefit if you take advantage of it.


  • Dogs Are the True Best Friends of Man

Unconditional love, protection trustworthiness, loyalty and care, these traits are rare to find in humans these days. That’s why a dog is the best friend a man, or a woman can get. Their love comes with no strings attached, and you mean the world to your dog.

They develop a special bond with their human friend, and a distinctive relationship that does not have any parallels. If you feed a dog once, he is going to love you till eternity. Cats are selfish and only show love when they need something from you.


  • Dogs Can Be Taught

While cats can also be thought, it can take a while. Dogs, however, learn a lot faster and it is a lot easier to teach them. They can learn commands to sit, stay, roll, attack, retreat, handshake, etc.

Dogs these days are doing even crazier things. They are taking selfies, grabbing the newspaper and mail, and even taking out the garbage. There is nothing cats can do that, can be compared to these smart creatures.


  • A Dog House is Neater Than a Cat House

Well, this is a purely based on observation, if you have one dog in your house you will not have to do a lot of cleaning. In case of a cat, cat hair scattered all over your furniture and clothes are the least of your worries. Let’s just say that the dogs are a lot cleaner than the cats.


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