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Update 1: Microsoft has stated that they have pushed out a fix and that it should be resolved for “most’ users. If you already implemented the fix below, you can enable Bing search again instructions below and see if the issue is resolved for you. If it is not, you will need to use the fix again and wait for Microsoft to resolve the issue. Update 2 : Microsoft has stated that the issue should be resolved and that users need to restart their computers for the fix to work.

More info below:. If you are still experiencing issues, please restart your device. In rare cases, you may need to manually end the SearchUI. This is making it impossible to search for and launch an application from the Start Menu.

Starting today, Windows 10 users all over the world have discovered that when they attempt to use Windows Search from the Start Menu to search for a file or application, the results just come up blank. This same behavior occurs when users try to perform a search within File Explorer as it too utilizes the Windows Search feature. This issue is being caused by the integration of Bing search into Windows Search and the only way to fix it at this time is to disable this functionality.

If you do not utilize search often or do not find this bug to be a problem, it is suggested that you wait for Microsoft to push out a fix rather disabling Bing integration. This issue has been resolved for most users and in some cases, you might need to restart your device. We are working diligently to fully resolve the issue and will provide an update once resolved. Below we have provided a simple method that you can use to quickly add these values to the Registry so that you can get Windows Search working again.

BleepingComputer has created a Registry file that you can use to import the required changes into your Registry. If you do not wish to use the premade Registry file, you can disable Bing’s integration with Windows Search via the Registry Editor.

Regardless of the method used, once restarted, the Start Menu and File Explorer search results will no longer be blank. Once Microsoft releases a fix, you can enable Bing integration with Windows Search by downloading the enable-bing-search. Once downloaded, you can double-click on the file to import the changes and restart Windows to enable Bing again. While I strongly suggest that you use the premade Registry file for ease of use and to avoid mistakes, you can also make these changes via the Registry Editor.

New Windows Search zero-day added to Microsoft protocol nightmare. Microsoft May Patch Tuesday fixes 3 zero-days, 75 flaws. Microsoft PowerShell lets you track Windows Registry changes. Fake Windows 10 updates infect you with Magniber ransomware. Windows 10 KB update released with 26 bug fixes, improvements. Do we know if this is tied to a specific Windows Update? I can’t say because on any Win 10 systems I deal with those reg values have already been set. It seems strange that this would just start suddenly without any changes to the system, but then it is Win Just when you think it’s done breaking there is a new way for it to go haywire.

Not sure yet, but it has been observed that Microsoft is pushing out small mini-updates to the Windows Search feature. So it is not known if these updates caused the issue. Also could have been a server side change. We tried this fix on multiple computers and it didn’t work. They cant seem to get much right over at Microsoft these days. Is this different than the forced Bing Trash integration into chrome for certain O customers?

Thank you for the information, please keep us posted on this issue. Just checked and my system works fine. Checked updates and I’m up to date. Either they fixed it already or it never affected my system. I used the PS script near the bottom of this Windows article. We also run patch management and many of the computers with the issue. Feature update to However, my coworker also had the issue and he’s on The links and scripts resolved the issue for me for now. I also suspect this is a stealth update look at my users as only a few seem to have it while others do not.

I can confirm it is NOT listed in recently installed updates. I read in another thread Reddit that this may have come in via a Defender update, and already fixed This isn’t broken for me, so I can’t tell. Thanks for the info. Just want to let everyone know this was fixed a couple hours ago.

You should undo the registry fix if you want Windows Search to include web results again. I tried everything to rebuild index, check windows search enabled on services to reinstall cortana and create a new local user which last one worked but with all setting gone Before I applied your reg did a windows update but no fixes And I just created an account here just to say thank you And thank you again hahah.

Fantastic solution. Download disable-bing-search. Can we leave it disabled? I dont care about bing myself.. I am leaving these settings disabled. I find no value in the web search results in my start menu. I just created an account just to thank you for this. I must have tried 12 or more separate fixes yesterday, all for nought. Despite some sources claiming the issue had already been resolved by Microsoft, it was not fixed for me.

Nor were there any important updates available. I’ve only been using Win 10 for a week and I absolutely detest it. It’s nothing more than a defective and convoluted marketing conduit. So thank you again for making my win 10 experience a little more bearable. Much the same as others have commented. I am a new W10 user. Thank goodness for Bleeping computer :- As to this fix. I disabled Bing Search Integration manually last night to get local search functionality back.

I’ve used the downloadable reg-edit file to re-enable it this morning. Note for newbies – you need to restart after changing the registry – Duh – guess how I found out! BBC have a statement this morning from Microsoft saying it’s fixed for most users but you need to re-boot your PC. Late last night I saw on some news feeds that Microsoft were allegedly blaming a third party network partner.

The Microsoft fix work on my Computer this morning , however some other users here did still have the problem. How can you even mess up that much Thank you very much for the information! I had this problem before and i fixed it with the cortana reset, that does not exist anymore powershell nedded now.

Disabling Bing search worked perfectly now. I am curious, does anyone know if this is affecting computers that came with Windows 10 installed or Windows 10 upgraded machines or both? I ask because the machine I am on, I just upgraded to Windows 10 from 8. The registry fix here worked like a charm, thank you. My affected computer was a clean install. My guess is it affects all install methods as Microsoft claims it was a server-side bug. Thank you. I have been waiting for the phone calls to come in, as we have done several upgrades to Windows 10 the past couple of weeks.

Thank you again for the information and the fix. I’ve got a client that has the issue of the blank file explorer searches and after doing the registry edit to disable Bing Search and Cortana as well as installing KB with multiple reboots in between and she still has the issue. I have reindexed as well. Any other suggestions?

I’m at my wit’s end. It is working again. I did not make the alterations on registry, so I guess it was a server-side problem Not a member yet? Register Now. To receive periodic updates and news from BleepingComputer , please use the form below. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.



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Feb 06,  · ” We are aware of a temporary server-side issue causing Windows search to show a blank box. This issue has been resolved for most users and in some cases, you might need to restart your device. We are working diligently to fully resolve the issue and will provide an update once resolved. This issue was resolved at PM PST. Feb 05,  · Type BingSearchEnabled and press Enter on the keyboard. A new value will be created that should automatically be set to 0. If not, double-click on BingSearchEnabled and set the value to 0 and then. In this video I’m going to show you how to Fix: Windows 10 Search not Working / Blank al Microsoft post:


Search in Win 10 not working, blank – Microsoft Community

Thank you! Windows 10 KB preview update released with ten improvements.

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