What Dog Breed is Right and Best for Me? – Here’s the Answer!

What Dog Breed is Right, Best and Perfect for me, for My Kids and Family


From now on you will not have to worry about right selection. You will be an ultimate bests dog selector after reading the whole at once.

People usually think that getting a pet in their life is not a big deal, but let me remind you, you should have a pet if you are ready to realize the real commitment you will be assigned to upon getting a pet.

A pet is a living thing and unless you can’t spend time, energy and money which is necessary for owner and pet relationship, you should hold back on this part of life. It is a famous saying that “If you want a good loyal friend, you should get a dog”.

So if you are planning to get a dog as your pet then this phase should be planned very carefully. In choosing the type of dog many things are being considered like your specific expectations, your lifestyle, the money you are willing to spend, and most specifically the amount of activity you are willing to get.

There are over 150 breeds of dogs comprising of different shapes, sizes and mix breed. So to choose out of all those the one which suits the most is a very difficult task but not to worry we tell you how to select the right dog for yourself.

So relax, sit down take out a pencil and a paper and follow our guide on selecting/choosing the right dog for yourself.

Through this Article you will able to decide which can be the right one for you and it will be surely a nice decision of you about your dog.

I know choosing or selecting a dog from hundred breeds is really hard but it is also very essential because it’s just like selecting cloths, shoes and video games etc and you select the one which suits you and you feel better with. But your dog is living being and breathing creature. So, you will have to take care of him for 10-15 years. or more.


Decision going hard?

As mention above that there are many breeds and type of dogs from where you can choose. But it could be tough for you to decide among hundreds without having any experience with them before or with them all. Now just imagine the following questions in your mind:

  • Do you want a special purpose dog?
  • Taking an adult dog or puppy:
  • Are you willing to afford the proper grooming?
  • How much space you can accommodate for the dog?
  • What to pick Pure Breed or Mix Breed?


What Dog Breed is Right and Best for You?

The answers are within you that what you decide and depend upon your lifestyles.

For instance:

  • Would you like to sleep along with your dog or separately?
  • Do you love some fascinating words or sound from a cute dog or not?
  • Do you love that dog which is more entertaining than any TV shows or not?
  • Which type of dog you like, short hair or long hair dog?
  • That should be small breed or large and big breed dog?

Let’s move straight to the point and read till the last letter so you can select the right one ultimately.


Do you want a special purpose dog?

The very first and the most important question is that do you want a special purpose dog?

By this I mean that dogs have a special purpose, some dogs are of hunting , some dogs are for guarding , some are for playing with you etc.

A dog is the most loyal pet of all and it never leaves you alone, so you should carefully decide depending upon the behavior of each breed and other needs that four legged friend you want to enjoy your companionship with.

So you have narrowed down the purpose leading to which breed of dog you want.

Now comes the next step where you are going to check out the subcategories like if you choose a guarding breed, the best one in this breed are Doberman Pinscher or German Shepherd. And then there are some breeds of dog law enforcement agencies use.

So now you have to make up the mind that which level of security you want. So now you have to dig more deep to find out the best one for you in the purpose category.


Taking an adult dog or puppy:

Now you have selected a category in which you want to proceed;now the next step is to choose whether you want an adult dog or a puppy?

The answer to this question according to  expert opinions is that you should select an adult dog, because an adult dog have passed the phase where it have to be taught about how to eat, how to poop  and how to behave well around other people.

An adult dog is a matured one, specifically trained for the purpose you are getting it for. But there is also a shortcoming to this option that an adult dog will reflect behavior in the first few months based on how it was treated previously so there might be some problems and aggressive behavior you have to deal with.

If you get a puppy you can customize it just the way you want it to be. You can specifically train it for the purpose you want it for. But you also have to take extra care of it.

A puppy yet has to go through its destructive and chewing stage of life, it still has to adapt its habits and it’s not predictable. It could show multiple behaviors.

You also should note down in calendars all the vaccinations it will need from the veterinarian. If you have a lot of time and you can spend a great deal of care and love, then the puppy is the most right choice for you, because you will love the involvement.

Besides all puppies are more expensive than adult dogs, as they are considered to be cuter and baby like you may have to wait for months to get some specific breeds.

Older dogs are much cheaper because a time comes when the owner has no longer time to take care of the dog or they just realize that they don’t want a dog anymore. Some people select puppies in their emotional and sad periods of life to divert their attentions and focus their life to something else.

So when they are through that period it is very difficult for them to give the same amount of attention and affection anywhere. This is the time when any good dogs are often transferred to their new homes even for free.


Are you willing to afford the proper grooming?

Some dogs need extra amount of grooming than the others. As the dog with long hairs need a hell lot of grooming. Whenever you take them on a walk or in a park to play, there hairs will be filled with anything you can think of like grass, weeds, brush and insects.

So long haired dogs need extra time for washing, trimming and brushing the dogs. So some breeds of dogs have special needs like they only eat a special type of food, or they have to be taken out for a walk, some dogs can’t stay alone for a longer period of time.


How much space you can accommodate for the dog?

Another very important factor to choose the right dog is the space in which you dog will live.

As a rural side home of 80 acres could shelter any breed happily, but if you have an apartment on the seventh floor of a building you should not consider a German shepherd or any big size dog.

If we take America into the consideration over 85 percent of the dogs in the country are house dogs and they spent almost all of their life in the owner’s home.

You should keep in mind that dogs are very active specie and they do prefer an open environment, so you should be honest to yourself that can you provide them the required environment?

A smaller dog may fit very easily in your apartment and may need less space so always go for the right dog. You can also shelter a giant breed like Saint Bernard, which typically sleeps for 16 to 18 hours a day, but only if you could manage the time for the walks and runs on a daily basis.

Pure Breed or Mix Breed?

Advantages of pure bread:

If you are looking for a dog and need it for a particular reason, you might be in an ideal situation picking a pure breed that has been specifically reared in light of those qualities.

While it is occasionally said that any dog can be prepared to do anything, you might be more astute to utilize the years of experience and endeavors of others than attempt to begin all alone. For instance, somebody who is occupied with hunting, herding, scent finders, or other particular undertakings would be in an ideal situation picking a dog from one of the breeds that have been dedicated to those specific fields.

Through eras of particular rearing, these characteristics have been refined and fortified well past those found in the all-inclusive community of puppies. For a few people, their decision as to which puppy they ought to get depends all alone on their physical issues. If you have respiration problems then you should not have a dog with long hairs or someone which affects your health in any way, you ought to choose a breed that is suitable for your own well being.

Certain sorts of puppies are understood for their non-shedding attributes. In all actuality, they do shed, yet for the most part a great deal not exactly average breeds. Cases are the different Poodles and Schnauzers.

In these circumstances in which a particular physical attribute, for example, the sum that a creature sheds is vital in your dog, it is most likely better to pick a pure breed. It would be extremely troublesome, if not difficult to foresee, the level of shedding that a mixed breed puppy will show as a grown-up.

Some dog proprietors discover certain dogs more alluring than others and just should have one that resembles that. It would be silly for them to pick an alternate breed or one of mixed ancestry.

If somebody recognizes what they need their canine to look like as a grown-up, however are beginning with a puppy, they have to pick an individual from that breed to guarantee they get what they need a year later.

Some puppy breeds are known for having certain identities or conduct designs. You can choose one that matches yours or what you would like to find in your pet. Brilliant Retrievers are known for their laid-back, quiet identities. To a few, that is the ideal puppy. Others, be that as it may, would lean toward a more outgoing, sensitive puppy.

Still, others may need a creature for assurance of their home. Certain lines of a few breeds have been reared for this kind of work and are subsequently a characteristic decision.

Advantages of Mix Breed:

Keep at the top of the priority list when pondering pure breed dogs that numerous man-made changes in the essential structure and conduct from the first recorded dog model have brought along a few detriments.

A few canines, particularly those with short noses that now and again appear to be pushed once more into their heads, may experience breathing issues or giving birth their puppies actually.

Unreasonably vast or giant breeds typically have shorter life ranges, regularly by quite a long while. Breeds with over the top skin folds are by and large more inclined to bacterial skin diseases. In different pure breed, hurtful or undesirable qualities have emerged.

At whatever point raisers select for one quality they may accidentally choose for some others. Hip dysplasia is a degenerative and frequently extremely incapacitating infection of the hip joint of dogs.

It is transmitted starting with one era then onto the next through hereditary qualities. This condition is uncommon in wild dogs. Any condition that declines the general capacity of a wild creature to contend in their reality is immediately disposed of through common choice.

Be that as it may, through human built particular procedures, this condition has gotten to be normal in a few breeds. Reproducing has, no doubt, accidentally potentiated the hereditarily exchanged data that controls this infection.

Today, concerned and moral reproducers work hard to dispose of undesirable attributes from their breeds. They really think about the creatures they deliver and their future.  While considering your decision between a pure breed and mixed breed, keep in mind the expense.

Pure breed puppies have been known not $300 to $3000 contingent upon the specific lines and breed. Mixed breed models are generally free or go for just a little selection expense. In a few family units, this can mean the contrast between getting a dog or not. We guarantee you, the youngster that gets his first puppy will once in a while think about his shading, hair coat, size, or the cost paid.


As it is said that a dog is the best companion of a human, so you need to carefully think and analyze before choosing this loyal partner because it will completely change your life in ways you can’t think of. If you still feel you do not have enough knowledge which dog to pick, Talk to the vet doctors, dog shelters and pet expert and we hope your issue will be resolved. I hope now you can select the right dog breed for you, your family and your kids as well.

Let us know which breed you are going to adopt in comment section and don’t forget to share this guide with your friends and fellas


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