Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs? – 7 Reasons Explaining The Questions

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

The debate of supremacy between cat people and dog people will not best long is the last pet lover breaths. The school will never be sad old in the comparisons will never be over. And this never-ending battle, pet lovers will continue to present their arguments in favor of their preferred pets of choice.


Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs?

 This article will dig deep into exploring and stating the obvious facts which prove that cats are better than dogs.


  1. Cats are Easier to Keep

If we were to look at the stats, cats top the dogs as the most popular pets around the world.  The reason simply being that the cats are easier to keep in comparison with the dogs. Keeping a cat is very convenient; you don’t have to train them a lot, they can groom themselves, they can be left alone without fear of separation anxiety. Cats will patiently wait for the owners at the porch, only to shower them with affection once they get back home.


  1. Lover, Not a Fighter

The cliché about cats not loving their human families the way dogs do is a rouse. It does not hold any truth to it. In Fact, cats are known to have more love for their human friends as compared to dogs. The studies that were conducted to determine the levels of love for humans among cats and dogs had experimental flaws, which were proved later. It is all just a part of dog people propaganda.


  1. Smarter Than Your Average Pooch

Dogs are known for their intelligence and smartness and are often given an edge over cats in this category. Once again, the flaws in experimental designs to study the level of intelligence between a dog and a cat can prevent us from getting an accurate answer. Cognitive abilities of a cat are not as easy to study as the intelligent of a dog.

It has been determined that the cats have a very complex cerebral cortex as opposed to the dogs. Their smartness is on level with dogs and in some cases, they are even better.


  1. No Constant Reminder of Affection Required

If you have a dog, it is very likely that you have to constantly remind him of your affection to make him feel secure and safe. This is not the case with cats. As opposed to the big whimpering good boys, small cats have big hearts. They don’t need their human friends to constantly make them feel safe and secure, as they can build long lasting bonds with humans. A cat won’t be whimpering and looking for you when a thunderstorm comes in.


  1. Strong, Independent Balls of Fur

Obviously, when you decide to have a pet, you also take on the responsibility of taking care of them. When it comes to dogs, you will need to be constantly taking care of their grooming. Dogs not only need a lot of attention but also require constant tending to. Dogs also need regular exercise, which can drag the owners around every day. There was also have to make sure the supervisor the exercise of their dog, keep an eye on their movement in and out of the house, keep their area clean, like it is their full-time job.

If you look at the cats, they are strong and independent pets. Apart from occasionally cuddling with you, needing you to take care of their cleanliness and setting their food, cats or otherwise low maintenance pets. They can take care of themselves.


  1. Candid In front of The Lens

Cats are adorable little things, who can do a lot of amazing stuff. All you have to do is just point a camera at them and watch them pose like trying to break the internet. Cats have better candid moments in front of camera as compared to the dogs. Cats happen to be more photogenic than dogs too. Dogs usually run away when you try to take pictures of them, while you can bet your cat will be ready for an extended photo shoot. They are not shy or scared of making big news like the dogs are.


  1. Hush, Hush Puppies!

Dogs are notorious for their incessant barking tendencies. They could bark for days, at literally nothing. Their loud barking can ruin the peace for you but also the people who live in the vicinity, as dog barks are really loud.

As for the cats, their loudest moan will still be less than half of that or dogs. Cats vocalize their feelings and also to ask their human friends to take better care of them. Their voices are not as annoying as a bark, and a lot more bearable.

So, does this article settle the score? Or does it open further points for discussion? Let’s us know in the comments what you think about the superiority of cats over dogs.


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