Why Do Dogs Howl? – Reasons, Ways and Tips to Stop!

Reasons, Ways and Tips to Stop Dog Howling

Does your dog howl a lot?  There can be various reasons for your dog producing these irritating sounds.

According to a research,to howl is a way to communicate with you. This research was conducted by a veterinary doctor who has written a book about dogs, “It’s a Dog’s life …but It’s Your Carpet”.  He has written in his book that when a dog howls he is making an effort to communicate with you. Being a dog owner you are required to know and interpret from his behavior what the dog has to tell you.

Dogs use various vocal expressions to convey all types of emotions to you.

Howling, growling, barking, sneezing and snoring all have different indications from your dog. It is interesting to see the behavior of your pet dog when you try to hide some delicious treat from him. The most important rather shocking sound that a dog produces is when he howls like a wolf.

It is a deep sound he makes raising his nose and contracting his lips. Dogs copy a grey wolf, their nearest predecessor. It is significant that you know the meaning of your dog’s howling. Some details about howling of dogs are given here.


What Does It Mean When a Dog Howls?

The very first that crosses one’s mind is that dog howl because they are associated with the wolves. Coy dogs, wolves and dogs belong to the same family of animals that howl, therefore dogs howl as well.

Dogs produce a large variety of vocalizations like their carnivore family it would rather be strange if the dogs would not howl. A research was conducted on an apparently simple query of dogs’ howling.

Enough time was spent in watching some splendid documentaries on nature to find the answer. A final word cannot be given about the howling of a pack of wolves, but there are expected to be two major reasons for it; first is a warning given to stranger wolves not to enter their particular territory.

The second reason for howling can be a call to guide a member of the pack to come back and join them.

An important point to remember is that even if dogs share some of their primary communicative abilities with wolves but they are not the wolves. The message that dogs try to convey to you can be somewhat different from the howling of their ferocious family members.


Why Do Dogs Howl?

Why Do Dogs Howl

According to expert’s opinion dogs usually, bark for some particular reasons like

  • An effort to seek attention
  • To warn of a danger
  • Attempting to contact other dogs or their master
  • A way of responding to a high-frequency sound

Such funny and amusing behaviors are perfectly normal. But howling at times can be an indication of some problem.

Here are some general reasons for howling of dogs and some way how to prevent such behaviors.


Reasons for Howling of Dogs:


  1. Loneliness Stress

Dogs crave for your company, they do not like being alone. This can be a sound to seek your attention for calling him back home or he wants you to be back soon.


  1. Noise Response

Dogs are reared up to be guards. Instinctively dogs tend to howl whenever they finding some hint of impending dangers. They get alert when they find signs of the presence of some strange animal. Instinctively dogs respond to the sounds by howling.  They howl in response to the sirens of fire engines, howling of dogs and even to some kinds of musical sounds.


  1. Inherited Instinct

Due to genetic tendency dogs are found engaged in such behavior like a pack of wolves howl before or after having a hunting mission. Dogs can howl to call you back to home with him.


Ways to Stop Howling of Dogs:

Some measures can be taken to stop the dogs from being engaged in such behaviors.


  1. Keep Your Dogs Active

It can be very helpful if you keep your dog active. Playing and interaction with human beings and other dogs can tire your dog enough to howl. An exhausted and tired dog is less prone to howling.

It is recommended that you plan certain games and activities to keep your dog engaged in games and exercises. You can take him for a stroll to a nearby doggy park. You can play with him to keep him active. If you have to stay away from home, for working hours, then try to get your dog enrolled in some doggy daycare.


  1. Humane Shock Collars

Veterinary doctors suggest the dog owners buy Humane Shock Collars for their dogs.  These collars are designed to release citronella, whenever a dog barks or howls. Dogs do not like citronella’s smell and are likely to develop an undesirable association for this negative behavior. Humane Shock Collars work better on the dogs with short hair.


  1. Buy Stimulating Toys for Your Dog:

Your absence from home can be one major reason for your dog’s howling. Buy stimulating toys for him. Whenever you are not present at home leave him to play with them. He will be busy in playing these toys and will not miss you much to start howling.


  1. Rewards for Good Behavior

Various techniques can be employed to control your dog’s tendency to howl. In the process of this training, refrain from giving some treat to your dog whenever is engaged in the unwanted behavior. Positive reinforcement in the form of some reward for not howling can keep him away from undesired behavior. Don’t let him get back home if he does not stop howling.

It is better to ignore him when he howls. When he stops to howl, reward him with your attention, the permission to come home or some treat. You can start playing with him when he has refrained from howling for a certain time period.

If you train your dog in such situations, it can minimize his desire to howl. It is important to build a strong relationship with your dog. If you find it difficult to handle the situation you can seek help from some dog trainer.


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