Why Do Dogs Lick Your Face, People and their Paws? – Discover it Today!

why do dogs lick

You should really know Why do Dogs Lick Everything!

They do as just they’re born, their mother communicate with puppies in this way. When they are born, this is how mother of puppies stimulates them to start breathing and clean them by licking on the body, so, this is important too, in order to make them survival.

Not only mother but you might observed puppies licking around their mother’s mouth when they are newly born. Although licking is usually a submissive sign.

It is essential in maintaining pack harmony too. Not only from the above but dogs also lick as they love the taste of their owner’s skin. It is their way to express love as a sign of affection. They just love to do so.

Many people enjoy it as they consider it as dog kisses but some may find it disturbing as well.

A lot of my colleague, relatives and friends usually ask me the same question in different ways.

FAQ are like:

Why dogs licks ____ ?

  • so much
  • your face
  • your hands
  • your feet
  • other dogs
  • other people
  • their paws
  • themselves
  • floor & furniture
  • everything

And a simple question: what does it mean when a dog licks your face?


Let me answer them all in detail.

Hope you will enjoy reading this guide..

I know these are  the most frequently asked questions by dog’s owner and many of you would have experienced dog kissing or licking you  and other things, sometime it irritates you and sometime you love them and ask your pet to keep doing this, right? No? What’s your take on that?


What will you get to know and learn?


  • Why Do Dogs Lick So Much?
  • Why Do Dogs Lick You & Your Face, Hands & Feet?
  • Why Dog Lick Their Paws, Themselves and Everything?
  • How to Get Rid of Excessive Licking?


Why Do Dogs Lick So Much?

why do dogs lick themselves and so much

First of all what I think, it’s very natural and I can say this was taught by their mothers. When newborn puppies come on the earth, what her mother do at that time? Any guesses?

Right from puppy’s birth, her mother start licking them, she communicates in that way.

She teaches to start breathing and clean them with her tongue. From that moment they learned the same to do and the process and phenomena is very essential for the survival of puppies, they really need to go through the process and make their self enough to live long.

You might had/would observed that whether the dogs are from wild or domestic, you’ll get to see that they’re licking around their mother’s mouth because puppies remain and retain instinct.

It’s also important to maintain pack harmony when the more subordinate members of a pack will lick the more dominant members, which symbolize submissive gesture.


Why Do Dogs Lick you & your Face, Hands & Feet?

dog lick your face

If they lick their owner it’s simple, they like their salty skin and out of habit mostly. Licking provides pleasurable endorphins to dogs same as we human do when we are in stress we start biting out nails, aren’t we? Similarly they also get comfort and pleasure by doing so.

If you found your pet doing the same than that’s also a sign of affection they have with you. They also lick the bowl, floor or toys reason could be they like their taste and same answer to when we ask why they lick us? They enjoy our taste as we have salt and tiny food particles on our face and body,


Why Dog Lick Their Paws, Themselves & Everything?

why do dogs lick people and pasw

If your dog is licking himself then you should worry because they do this act when they are bored, anxious, has skin problems or infection and allergies.

They could be also injured somewhere on the skin or body or might be paws and doing because of pain. In this case you should take your beloved pet and show it to your veteran and ask them for the reason or you can also check if you found some injuries.

Don’t let him to bear pain as this could lead to some serious and critical deceases or issues.

By the ways they lick themselves to heal them as they have such enzymes in their saliva which kills bacteria and provide relief from them. They not only kill bacteria but also help in getting rid of dead tissues on their body and help them to clean dirt from wounds.

But remember excess of everything is bad. So, don’t allow your love to do it excessively as this can increase the wound and could harm them directly.

Simply they are excessively licking the injured part of their body and sometime they can’t stop by doing so, which is not good for him/her. Immediately contact your vet and tell him/her the story but if you cannot do that with hurry then better to do some medication and cover the wound to stop them.


How to Get Rid of Excessive Licking?

how to get rid of licking

Simple exercise can help you to get rid of the excessive licking.

Over all they lick you because of affection and as mentioned above it gives them comfort and pleasure but same as I said excess of everything bad and it will automatically start irritating you,

So whenever you feel he/she is in mode of affection and wan to have some fun in this way then start ignoring him, if you will pay attention to him while doing, he will do it again and again but ignoring means it is not enjoyable thing for you.

Better to leave room, by doing this will make him/her understand that his/her act force you to leave the room. This will be the cause of your leaving. It means to him, whenever you will do that, you will leave room and you are ignoring the act, he will decrease it and eventually may be he/she stop doing it.

Try it and let me know if this work for you or not. It works for me as well as for many that’s why sharing with you people.


Final Thoughts:

Personally when your cat and dog licks you, they love you, they are loyal to you. When dogs and cats kiss your face they are saying they love you. Dogs licking tell so much of there emotion. e just need patient to understand it.  Whenever I talk my dog or cat licks me. It’s like she wants me to shut up LOL 😀

I think it is sweet, the dog is kissing could be for several reason one can be maybe you scolded them are yell at them are corrected them a dog cannot stand his master mistress is mad his only thought is to jump in your lap and kiss you like and apology say I am sorry if it offends but the dog is so loyal that if his owner beats him to within an inch of his life he will lick his hand That always breaks my heart cannot understand how people can be so cruel they have no heart

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