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Windows has command line utilities that show us the version of the Windows OS running on the computer, including the service pack number. There are multiple CMD commands that help with finding this, you can pick the one that suits your need. Ver command can show you the OS version whereas Systeminfo command can additionally give you service pack, OS edition and build number etc.

As you can see above, ver command shows only OS version but not the service pack number. We can find service pack number as well with Systeminfo command.

Systeminfo dumps lot of other information too, which we can filter out using findstr command. Find below example for Win7. See example below for Server If you want to find just the OS version, you can use ver command. Open command window and execute ver command. But note that this does not show service pack version. This command does not show version on a Windows 7 system. Complete list of Windows CMD commands. Execute ‘Winver’ from command prompt or from Run window.

It will show you the windows version. The “systeminfo” command gives the edition info under the headings “OS Name:” and “OS Version:” as well as a lot of other information all in the console. You can parse it with “findstr” if you need only the edition info:. I was looking for this…I had to write a script which runs on different windows editions and I need to capture the os name..

From this you can derive if it’s 32 or 64 bit. You can also use wmic cpu command to get processor info. You could have a 32 bit OS installed on a xbased pc.

I did not mean to mislead anyone. Run the command mentioned in the post on each of the servers using psexec or rsh. I will soon add a post on psexec. If I have understood correctly, you have different images of Win7 and you want to find out which image you have installed on the computer? I can think of a workaround for this. You can add custom reg key and set the image version number in that and then create the image. And on the installed computer, you can do reg query from command line.

Copy pasting the command would work fine now. Thank you for pointing that out. You can use registry keys in that case. Windows version in registry key. How can I get the serial number from a Windows Server device.

OSType Next. What could be the probable solution to make work of wmic command? This was exactly the info I was looking for. Thank you all you guys. Thank You so much. How to solve this problem?? Hi anu, check spelling once it will work correctly.

Please, use the first way only to yourself. For other locales it will get either blank result or incorrect result. This post is old, these were different times. For Localized Windows, use the wmic command line. Filters are object attributes, so not translated.

Find windows OS version from command line by Srini. Reply Link. Very helpful if I want to do a remote command without GUI. Thanks a ton! Thanks friend for the tip.. I need to find os version from windows dos and this has helped me.. Thank you a lot! I realy needed this tip. How can I script this for multiple servers and save the output in csv format? Run the below command on each of the servers. How to get the OS name and version for a list of servers?

I need to find the image version of a windows 7 installation. What command do I use to find out? No support for systeminfo within xp home.

Nice post… thank you.. Checked when installing mango db.. Thank you very much. Thanks very much. Very helpful forum wmic did the work for me Thanks Asim. Leave this field empty. More Recent Posts How to check if Windows 32 or 64 bit? E-mail Newsletter.



Find windows OS version from command line.What version of Windows am I running? – Windows Client Management | Microsoft Learn


In all cases, you must comply with Microsoft License Terms. Some slightly more complex scenarios are not represented by the table above. For example, you can perform an upgrade from Pro to Pro for Workstation on a computer with an embedded Pro key using a Pro for Workstation license key, and then later downgrade this computer back to Pro with the firmware-embedded key. The downgrade is allowed but only because the pre-installed OS is Pro.

Windows 10 upgrade paths Windows 10 volume license media Windows 10 Subscription Activation. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. If you are looking to check Linux version distro and the major release version that is installed at your side, you can use the following command to open the release file.

When you run the command to check Linux version, the output will reveal the name of your operating system. Not only this but it will reveal the major release version and other specifications as well. Here is a pictorial representation of how things will work here when you check Linux version ubuntu. Note: if you are looking to check Linux version ubuntu and the full release version you can use the following command. When you run this command to check Linux version ubuntu, its output will reveal the full release version of your OS.

It will include the following release numbers:. We will also describe an example using hostnamectl. In addition to the version number, it shows which Linux kernel your system is using. To see these specifics, use the following command for getting Linux version command line:. No matter which operating system you use you can figure out your OS version in various ways. Knowing your OS version helps you in many ways like when you want to install an application on your system.

Well, with all this in mind, were you able to check your OS version using the things we said? Your computers are running on some OS and that OS gets several updates regularly. With each update, the version changes, and this is called the OS version. Microsoft itself is not an OS but it provides one of the most commonly used Operating Systems called Microsoft Windows. Ubuntu is an OS that is good for all kinds of computers. Its several versions can run on most computers.

However, it is better to know the version before using it regularly for the best results. There would be no separate versions of the operating system. The versioning of Windows 10 does not have the style or use any nomenclature as on the earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, Windows XP, and other options.

That would make it a little difficult to trace the version number of your Windows Operating system. For instance, the latest Windows 10 version comes with a versioning Windows 10 version But there is a different build number with each of the major updates you receive. That would make it a little challenging to track the exact version number you are currently on. This should be one of the most straightforward and most convenient options to find the exact version number you are currently on.

There are several methods available in finding the correct Windows 10 version you are on, but the Command Prompt method is ideally one of the best.

In its own right. Ver The system will display the version number as here below Microsoft Windows [Version Yet another excellent command that would help you find the version number and the build number of your Windows 10 operating system through the use of command-line would be this one —. The below command can let you get access to the version number of your operating system. Do note that it will not specify the operating system version. As the command in itself should indicate, it returns a result that includes version name, version number, the Operating system architecture, and other options.

The scheduled backup will be performed as incremental backup by default to backup changed data only. The Task Name can be modified by your needs. The related system partitions are selected by default. Click Schedule to enable daily incremental backup the default option , or change it as per your needs.

Confirm your operations and then click Start Backup. Daily , Weekly and Monthly are supported. To enjoy Event triggers , and USB plug in modes, you need to do an edition upgrade. This feature is available in Tech and Tech Plus edition. Two efficient methods are described here to assist you to install Windows 10 from Command Prompt. You can choose one of them based on your own situations. After a fresh install, it’s the best time to create a factory image and you can set a scheduled backup task to track changes you made later.

After that, you can use this freeware to backup files, partition, or entire disk for data protection. Content of this article: Need to install Windows 10 from Command Prompt Stepwise guide to install Windows 10 with Command Prompt Best time to backup system for protection Verdict Need to install Windows 10 from Command Prompt Windows 7 has reaches its end of life January 14, , thus it’s urgent for users to upgrade to Windows Stepwise guide to install Windows 10 with Command Prompt For many users, system installation involves a complex process.

Before you try any method below, please make some preparations in advance. Mounted the ISO image and assign a drive letter for it, here take G: as an example.

You can navigate to the ISO image file, then right click it and choose Mount from the drop-down menu. Method 1. Step 5.


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